Good Impression Definition Details

what is Impression:

“Impression in an opinion or idea our appearance gives to others when we meet them, it can be good or bad, depend upon how we behave and present ourselves.”

Good Impression:

“Good Impression means a positive and last longing image of us we leave on people; we are remembered in good words after we leave the room.”
It is said that, “you will never get a second chance for making a good first impression.” According to a study when we first time meet a person, he judge you only by taking a glance at you in approximately 4 seconds and finalize his judgment in next 30 seconds.
Good impression has its own demands, and making a good impression is crucial for being a worthy person in the society/work place.

For leaving a positive impression one must be ethical, well dressed, and have positive body language. We can say that good impression comes from good appearance.

Let us discuss details about good impression.

We already know that key to make a good impression is our Appearance. It include:

1. the way you dress up (Clothes, shoes, Fragrance, body accessories)

2. Your body language (Gestures, Postures, eye contact)

3. Your talking style (tone of voice)

1. The way you dress up!

When you meet someone for the first time the first thing they see is how you’re dressed up, it can help you if it’s good and otherwise it can hurt you.
There are a lot of advices about being well dressed, to keep it simple all you have to do is dress up nicely. It is significant that you keep the event in your mind when getting ready, so you can dress up according to the occasion. image003

Dress codes

There are particular dress codes for different events and occasions that you have to follow in order to make a good impression, people who break dress codes leave a bad impression, i.e., if you wear your formal dress like jeans and t shirt in a business meeting, it will be a breakage of dress code for a business meeting. Moreover it gives an impression that you are too lazy to dress up or a careless person.

Look clean


you got to be neat and tidy, use nice fragrance not too strong, clean clothes and shoes, make nice hair style, it adds to good appearance.


it can’t be over looked, a person who wear a smile is quite appealing, give others the impression that you’re friendly and courteous. It becomes easy for people to approach you. According to a survey people who are smiling are 95% more likely to be talked with. image007

2. Your body language image008

Body language is non verbal communication that means without speaking you convey your message to other people.

According to a report of Stanford University, “our word catches 7% attention of listener, 38% is the tone of our voice that grips listener’s attention and 55% is the body language that makes the difference.”

According to another research on members of American personnel consultant (members responsible for hiring people for big companies) agreed that they made their decision about hiring or not within 30 seconds. It shows that our appearance and body language play a vital role in building a good or bad impression.

Your gestures and postures are the body movements and your sitting or standing position, it convey a vivid message to others, eye contact is also indispensable, people who make eye contact are consider as confident people.

3. Talking style


Your talking style can help you making a good impression, if you’re talking gently, in soft tone, it reflects that you are polite. Having a sharp or louder tone makes you look like a bold and sometimes aggressive. Keep control on your voice tone besides considering what you’re saying and make eye contact while talking. Beating about bush in first meeting can be worse.

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