Helping struggling students achieve success

Every teacher knows the abilities his students have and he know the lackings too, he knows with what questions and motives his students enter the class room. It is the responsibility of the teacher to know the struggling student’s needs and help them; they may need extra attention and care. These are the students who find difficulty in reading writing or learning or sometimes in all three fields. Studies have shown that these students can be taught by some using some techniques and some skills.


Show that you care

The first thing these students require is your attention and care; you can only help them when you show them that you care about them. This builds their confidence and trust in you and then you can help them learning effectively.


Always be approachable

A student who doesn’t look approachable cannot help his students in better way, he may be a great teacher but struggling student find restricted and difficult to ask question when a teacher isn’t approachable.


Appreciate Questioning

Questioning in the classroom is something of vital significance, the more students ask the more they learn. Keep the atmosphere light and always appreciate students, especially the ones who rarely bring out questions, in this way you can make the learning possible.

Focus on skill and character building rather than Scores

This is the biggest error in most of the educational systems. “The mighty focus on gaining better Grades and scores.”, If this error is corrected the problem will become less tiring. Shifting focus on the polishing skills rather than starting a race amongst the students to attain highest marks can help in building solid character and productive people.

Encourage Group studies

The students who find difficulty in learning can be helped with groups in the class, considering the students in mind make groups let the genius students share their skills with struggling ones. Give group tasks and assignments to help them learn more with unity.



Mnemonics are the aid that helps in remembering things that are difficult to learn. Here is an example:
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
It is used for learning of order of mathematical treatments i.e., Parentheses, Exponents, Multiply, divide and Subtract.

This technique can be used for making kids learn spellings.


Show with examples

Well this is the best technique for teaching more efficiently, leading the students with showing “How to” rather than just telling how to do something. Show them by doing and then let them explore more. Let them know about exemplary people and inspire them.

Teach according to learning styles

Every student learns in different way. They all have their own aptitude and mental levels so it is very important that you know how they will actually learn and teach in that way to get better outcomes.


More use of Audio visual aids

AV aids make the teaching extremely effective and students learn fast when they hear or see what is being teaching them, they learn without even knowing that they are learning. There are hundreds of audio visual aids.

Give creative assignments

Rather than giving boring text assignments give them creative assignments that will motivate them to think more and explore their skills and strengths.


Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is always better than negative; it’s the best way to motivate a person to study with greater interest and diligence. A struggling child surely needs positive reinforcement.

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