How to Refresh Yourself while Studying

Are you reading the same sentence over and over and nothing is going through the mind? This is a perfect sign that your mind is telling you to TAKE A BREAK! And you are feeling like you will not be able to study for at least next 4-5 hours, that’s a long time to just freshen up yourself. Isn’t? Well this is fair as mind get tired while studying; it is believed that there should be 5 minutes break after each 25 minutes hard study.


To save time from getting waste in long breaks, you can do any of the following things to refresh your mind:

Eat something sweet

Sweets are not very healthy but if you can manage it, eat something sweet i.e., a chocolate bar, a candy, or desserts. This helps in making mind work fast. And also get rid of sleepiness. It worked always worked for me. (Suggested by my teacher)

Drink a glass of water

We all know how important water is, drinking a fresh glass of water refuels the energy and you instantly feel fresh and awaken.

Change your surroundings

This is a psychological fact that mind get tired and dull when you are in the same place for hours, and ot refresh it you got to change your surroundings, many researches revealed that people worked more efficiently when their surroundings were changed. It clearly shows that when we change our surroundings and move for better, our efficiency increases. When you get tired, pick up you books and move to another room.

Get up and walk for a while

By taking a break for a walk you will ensure a better working mind. When you walk the blood circulation in the body increase including the mind, which helps in increasing capacity to concentrate and think more effortlessly and make studying easy.

Talk to your parents

You can just simple leave your books for a while and go see your parents for a while. (Obviously when studying at home) talking to your parents on a topic other than studies will divert you attention for a while and make your mood refreshed.

Talk to a friend

Call a friend. Talking to someone of same age means you will have a different kind of conversation that will boost your mood. You can share if your are finding anything difficult, I used to do this as a student calling my bff and telling telling her I am exhausted and nothing is getting into my mind, and I wonder how I suddenly start to study for real after a call of 5 minutes. (Thanks to bff-talk-therapy) J

See the greenery

Go out of your room, in to garden area and see the plants. Do watering or remove the dried leaves. It actually works in changing your mood and revitalizing it.

Listen to Music, Can you Dance?

Music can also lift your mood. Dance on your favorite beats, trust me, this is same like exercising and increase the blood circulation that set up a good mood and body, ready to do any task.

Play a puzzle or brain games for 10 minutes

Take a break and use the break for preparing your mind for studying by playing a brain game, brains exercises help stimulate and entertain your mind.


Practice breathing exercises, take deep breath, pause and then exhale. Repeat this for 5 minutes. This is well known for releasing stress and listing spirits.


Nap might work for you, but didn’t work for me (Because I am crazy sleep lover). Take a nap for 15-30 minutes; don’t forget to set an alarm.

Cold shower

You sure won’t feel bored, sleepy, stressed after a cold shower.


A cup of coffee can work BUT don’t take coffee as a drug it can be harmful.

Good luck! J

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