Impressive Lessons on Motivating Customers to Buy


Here are some simple ways to ramp up your firm, energize sales and collect the money you’ve been investing in your business:

Let the customer feel same when they buy

Some people don’t feel comfortable while making purchases, especially at times when they are new. They are not confident about different factors such as price, product quality etc. If you want to motivate your customer to buy from you, you need to make them feel safe. It’s your responsibility that when a customer enter in to your sale point you need to make them feel it is secure to buy anything from them. In this regard, many business provide money back guarantee and so on

Offer offers

People are so busy and overwhelmed with work and family obligations that they often postpone buying. Urge them to buy by telling by “buy two get one free”, discounts and other such offers or buy putting a disclaimer like “buy before tomorrow before the price increase: etc. stick to it, else you will lose your trust.

Remind them to visit you again

It is often observed that people don’t buy first time when they visit your place, even if it is visually appealing and attractive. But keep in mind that more times they visit; the greater is the chance that they will buy. Greet them with a smiling face even when they are going back without buying anything and ask them to stay connected with you by making frequents visits. It leaves a good impression on the mind of the visitor and they consider it to visit you again and it is more likely that they will buy from you next time.

Know who your competitor is

Knowing your competitor is very important if you want to own your space and capture more market share. You should know who is taking your customers away. Know their strengths and weaknesses. Make your company stand out the mind of your customers by creating a strong selling proposition.

Provide many options

Enhance your sales by providing more options to your customers such as make your payment system easy for everyone by allowing them through credit cards, checks and through other electronic payment systems.

Provide best value for what they pay

Price does matter and everyone is watching their pennies now a days. Customers mostly seek for the products or services which provides best value for the price. If the price is right, the customer is more likely to buy from you. Try to provide the same products and services in lesser price in which you and your competitor deal.


Courtesy plays a very important part in bringing more customers and attracting them towards making more purchases from you. They are more likely to buy employees pay attention to them and are courteous. Making them feel as they are most important to you compels them to buy from you.

Add convenience

You can provide convenience to your customers in a number of ways such as your opening and closing timings, your location, payment system etc. if you bring more convenience to them, they are more likely to buy from you.

Stay honest

To ensure “peace of mind”, make it be known to your customers that you’re BBB Accredited by using our logo in your advertising and marketing materials. This is very important to customers who may have had a bad experience with one of your competitors.

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