How to keep Control in Classroom

Sometimes there’s a class that’s just – how can we say this nicely? – challenging. You’ve tried every possible thing you can think of, and they still don’t want to listen and learn. It can be really hard to take control over a class with kids who lack discipline and manners. But as a teacher you can never GIVE UP! And yes, you are capable of taking the authority in the class.


Here are some positive and effective methods you can use in any classroom.

Start slow

Make a clear decision about taking the control and then you can work on it, once you have decided, it is important to understand that things are not going to work too fast, start off slow by understanding to what extent the class is lacking in behaviors and manners. Take your time to analyze each individual as working on the whole class at a time will not make a difference in this scenario. Starting from the morning bell let the students settle down, be it 10 minutes. And then you can make your point of discipline clear to the students, they sure won’t listen but you have started now.

Watch carefully

In order to take control and authority in the classroom, you are going to need to know all the students, especially the trouble makers. And when you are giving too much attention in the class it automatically make them conscious of their behavior (to an extent at least). Watch them carefully and point out the one who is talking or causing any trouble. And give a clear warning. Kids don’t like it this ways and won’t repeat.

Make clear boundaries

Being friendly with a class which is already out of control can make the situation even worse. There should be clear boundaries between the teacher and the student but never look unapproachable.

Be Confident

To handle a class full of messed up teenagers, you sure need a lot of confidence and courage as well. Although there is nothing to be nervous about still you have to look confident and act strong against the students. It will make your position strong and will help you in gaining the authority and discipline in the classroom.

Don’t let the problem become bigger

At the beginning it might not seems to be big problem as who wants to give punishments for small things, that’s fair enough, but the problem is when you don’t deal with little problems from the start, they eventually becomes big troubles later on. Learn this, you don’t have to give punishment and scolding for small troubles but you has to address them.

Assign Individual responsibilities

This is a useful technique to divert the trends in classroom. You can simple assign small duties to the students who are usually breaking the discipline. The biggest trouble maker become responsible and co-operative when made “class-president”.

Be kind and tough both

Many teachers wonder whether they should be kind and polite in the class or they should act tough and firm, well that’s not they care of either-or; you have to be both at the same time. Be kind in general but be tough depending upon the situation.

Reinforcement (Positive)

Positive reinforcement is helpful in almost all kind of classroom situation including this one. Use Positive reinforcement as a tool make your students study hard be more respectful.





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