The Ways to Reduce the Shyness of Backbencher Students

The backbenchers are usually taken as the dumb students with no interest in studies but that’s not the whole story. Even the intelligent ones sits on the back rows of the class they will automatically become a little careless. The reason behind the phenomena is may be because they get less attention than the students sitting in the first rows. The backbenchers are not always careless, most of the shy students prefer to sit in back row so that they can reduce the interaction with the teachers. It is how they think may be the teacher is giving more attention to the backbenchers.


It is important that the Shy backbenchers play their part for that they must overcome their shyness first and for that here are some tools.

Main Focus

A teacher’s main focus should be the whole class as she/he cannot ignore a single student but there are students who need less attention and at the same time there are students who seek more attention. A teacher must know the need of his/her students so that he can help them. The shy ones require more attention in the class. When they are given more attention they become less shy and more attentive in the class.

Finding their skills

Every child has their own skills, the need is to find their talent and expose it. Finding skills of a shy child can really help in making him confident. It gives him courage to open up and interact more with the fellows and teachers.

More attention

Give some extra attention to a shy child and see the response. With attention you can reduce the shyness and build solid character.


Appreciation is the key that open the door for more hard work. It works as a stimulus for all of us, but when it comes to students they take a simple STAR ON THE NOTE BOOK as a noble prize. It takes their confidence level high and lessens their shyness. So be generous in giving compliments and appreciation to the shy lads specially.

Involvement in Class and School activities

Try to increase their involvement in the classroom and other school activities like sports, debates, cultural shows etc. When you are asking questions, or you are asking class to inquire from you prefer the backbenchers to speak up and don’t forget to give appreciation on a right answer.

Attention of parents

The parents play a major role in how a child is doing in the school. Total awareness about how your child is performing in school can help you understand and solve your child’s problems. Keep in contact with the teacher of your child.

Take the feed back

Daily feedback of what has been taught in the class can help a shy backbencher a lot in overcoming shyness.

Change their seats

A shy student might not be willing to sit right in front of teacher because of his shyness, but when he will sit in front rows he will become confident with time.


A child who is more than shy might need serious help from the specialist. If nothing is working make your child visit a psychologist to prevent him from becoming a failure.



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