Tips and Tricks How to Control Your Anger:

There is no control on feelings. Some of the people have a high level losing of temper. Such kind of an anger person didn’t have so much love from anywhere. You need to calm down your anger first. As most of the times you got anger due to more expectations. So that you are not able to have a self control. Due to which you just burst out. You are not going to be punished for your anger; you are actually going to be punished by your anger. Anger doesn’t solve anything but it just makes a loss for everything. There are some tips to control your anger. Just go on following my tips.


Get calm then talk:

First of all if someone is deliberately making you an anger person, you need to do is get calm yourself first, then talk to the next person and explain yourself. Just you need to do is, don’t burst your anger out of your mouth. For example if your boss anger on you with no reasons then make yourself calm first and then explain yourself.

calm yourself

Make some exercise:

Some of the times it happens when you got too much angry you do start sweating and it also elevated your heart rate. Some of the times it may cause a heart attack problem or makes you high blood pressure patient, then if you want to stay away of such kind of a natural effect, you need to have an exercise if you are getting angry. Just have that kind of exercise which makes your muscles relaxed and flow away your stress and angry through your feet.

Have a glass of water:

The easiest way to control your bursting anger is to have a glass of water. This is the very first step of getting rid yourself of the anger. Just have a chill glass of water. This will helps you to make your burning brain calm down, and makes your body language also too relaxed.

Lay down:

If you didn’t got better having a glass of water, just lie down straight on the floor and have some deep breath process this will also makes you feel calm and better. Some of the times its better to have burst out yourself with cry instead of your anger.

Step out:

If someone is making pathetic questions and sucking your brain up, and you are getting out of your mind, just put that person away, saying excuse me and just step out of the occasion. You just need to do is, have excuse with the smiling face.

Be polite and clear out the matter:

When any one is shouting at you, don’t shout back. First of all do listen to that person carefully, make yourself stay calm, after listening to the next person you need to do is stay calm first then make yourself clear up in to the polite mood.

Take deep breath and exhale it out:

Start the process of exhale and inhale. This will also makes you feel calm down. As it is also the best way to clam yourself and control the heart beat. It will also make your muscles relax.

Make a control on your outburst:

Whenever you got to face a time period of anger, then you need to have a control on your outburst for 20 seconds. After wards you will be calm down and just explaining yourself.

Count down:

Start counting if you are not losing out your temper. Make it from 1-50 and 50-1. This will makes your nerves clam down well.

Listen to the music:

Start listening to the music. This will also makes you feel better. Don’t listen to the noisy one listen to the slow one. It will make you anger free.


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