Various Ways and Ideas to Improve English


We all know the Importance of English language. Approximately 375 million people speak English around the world and there are more than 50 English speaking countries, where English is either the official or the primary language.

Learning a language doesn’t always mean you have to sit in a class and make notes and cramming all the grammar rules. English language learning allows you to learn outside of the class you can say you can modify your life style in a constructive way to learn in a better and easy way, you can learn English while playing, watching TV, listening to music, reading the news-paper etc.

Here are some highly interesting and easy ways in which you can improve your English.

Read English News papers

English news papers are usually rich in English, the best vocabulary is use and because of the variety of topics there is extremely high range of words you can learn from each page of the paper. It is quite helpful to learn every day.

Make creative notes

While you learn new English words, sentences and phrasal verbs make instant notes. If you hear or read a new word write it and search for the meanings.

Learn to listen first

To learn a new language can be difficult but it can be easy if you learn it with interest and keenness, when you are learning a language first time you must “Listen” to it first. This makes the learning fast and easy. If you try to learn how to speak in the First step of learning it will become tough to learn.

Watch English Movies (With subtitles)

Watch Hollywood movies to improve your English by listening. You can watch movies with Subtitles for learning more.

Listen to English Music (British and American)

English music can be helpful, since there are number of great singers to be listened to.

Start labeling things

This is possibly the most interesting and cheap way to improve your vocabulary. Take a tiny note pad and a marker, start labeling things around you. You will come to know how many things you didn’t knew at your home.

Make English speaking friends (May be on Social Media)

Surround yourself with English speaking people at school if possible encourage your local language speaking friends to speak English. If you feel it tough at least make a pen friend or friends who speak in English on your social media account.

Mark your mistakes

The best learnt lesson is the lesson you learn from your mistakes. Always mark your mistakes on tests or books and try not to repeat them.

Practice more

Perfection comes from practicing. You always improve when you learn from the mistakes and keep on practicing what you have learnt.

Make writing habits

Writing habits can help you to improve your English incredibly fast and you become able to express your ideas in a far better way. You can start writing a Blog, a diary or a journal.

Learn Sentences (Phrasal Verbs and Idioms)

When you learn a word you merely learn a word but you learn a sentence using that word you learn it in a very impactful manner and you understand the use of that word.
For Example: you learned “Inspiration” meaning “a divine influence”

Now you have learned the word. See how you could have learnt it if you had learnt it by using a sentence.
“I got inspiration from my English teacher to learn English.

Change your local language to English

See the language options on your phone and change it to English by doing this you will be able to learn English even when you are using your phone.

Take every chance to speak

It’s like challenging yourself; whenever you get the opportunity to speak English speak up. It will boost your confidence to speak English.


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