Various Ways for Teachers to Improve Behavior & Discipline in Class:

To handle a class a teacher should know how to handle a class, and how to manage them well. You need to be creative with mind to improve the behaviors of the students and make them well disciplined. Here I am having some ideas that make you a better teacher and helping you to maintain discipline well.




You need to enter your class room immediately when the bell rings for your period. Sometimes a fight takes place especially between boys that makes a teacher guilty. So need to be on time when it rings.

You need to have interest in children individually in your class room; you need to study your student’s nature and behavior well. Because no one is having same nature in this world, so need to have a thorough search on your each student.

Respect your students. If you respect your students and don’t misbehave with them, then in reward you are going to have a same behavior by your students. So you need to do is respect your students and don’t let them insulted by you in front of whole class room.


Most of the times teachers got too much involved with their students which seems like a friendly environment, which results in misbehaving by other students like “yes! We know she is your friend that’s why she is having A+ in her subject” and etc. so you need to beware of making your students your friends.

Share some new knowledge with your students every day. Because many of the times students love to increase the knowledge level well. Because they love to share new knowledge’s with their siblings and parents. And they maintain their discipline in class when a teacher provides knowledge to students.

Change the seats of friend’s of your class room, because they can’t stop having fun and talk till they sit together. So try to make them separated when they tease you by breaking discipline in your class room.

Ask them to raise hands to speak in front of any teacher. This is the best rule of maintaining well disciple. So need to ask your student to raise your hand when you need to talk to your fellow.



Apply rules in front door of your class room, apply different rules like “if you break any of the rule, then you’ll be punished by this selected punishment. So apply rules, make sure it didn’t exceed more than ten rules.

Make five monitors in your class room; provide them a badge that for what kind of monitor is this student. Monitor of stopping messy students to avoid spreading mess, monitor for making board ready, fine collecting monitor, monitors for rule breakers, monitor for making class stay silent.

Appreciate your students well if your students didn’t any rule in your class room.

Don’t get rude with your students. Treat them in clam and sweet ways.

You need to have a walk in class to notice out what the back benchers are doing.

Ignore arguments with students, if somehow a situation of argument takes place, go on avoiding that situation. You don’t need to have an argument this may spoil the discipline of your class room. Just stay calm and pacifistic.

Contact with parents if the behavior of a student isn’t getting better. Ask them what to do next with your child.

Reward students if they deserve and maintain a good behavior and a good discipline in a class room.



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