Ways and Ideas to Adjust an Unconfident Girl in Co-education

A place where both gender studies together can be a problem for someone with less confidence to face opposite gender. Many girls have low self esteem due to the society she came from or something that happened to her to change her attitude or maybe she was brought up in that manner. For that kind of girls it becomes hard to survive in school/college. Co-education cannot be blamed for this, but we can always help such students with little guidance and help.


Here are some really productive tools to adjust an unconfident girl in dual-gender education system.

Find the actual problem

The most important part of fixing a problem is knowing the root cause of the issue and the actual reasons behind the problem. Before anything else, try to know what the girl actual feels and what are her insecurities. whether she is lacking in building social relations, she is insecure about her appearance or maybe she have some other problems. Once you get to know the real problem you can find the quick and most adequate solution to the problem.

Special attention

Giving a little more attention can help a lot. One of the most important reasons behind an unconfident person is that she is not being given proper attention. When she is given some special notice in the class it will boost her self-esteem and will easily become a part of the class rather than feeling misfit in the system.


Discover her talent

This is possibly the best way to break the fence she has made around herself. She may be is not great at studies but she is a good athlete or vice versa. Finding her interests and discovering the hidden talent and amplifying her strengths to the others will surely increase her confidence level to make her more relax at school.

Young Woman working in the Laboratory

Small Steps

No problem can be solved with the blink of eye. It needs patience and planning. Divide the whole strategy into small steps and follow.

Sincere compliment

When a girl is given compliment she suddenly becomes the “New Confident Girl”. Getting acknowledgement and praise from others boosts the confidence level and makes all the insecurities go out of window. Simply saying “hey you look pretty” without going over board or exaggerating can make a difference.

Mirror talk

It is best tool for making one confident in their social circle. People rehearse before a speech, performance etc, same like that Practicing talking in front of a mirror can help in interacting with people at school/college.

Change the Negative approach

The main reason less confident people are isolated and feel uncomfortable amongst people is because they make assumptions about others in their mind. They themselves look unapproachable and think of others as if they are never going to appreciate them to be approached. An unconfident girl needs to change her thinking in order to be adjusted in dual gender education system. The more she interacts with people the more are the chances she makes friends and settle herself in the system.



Though appearance is a temporary thing, the most important thing is the Character, but still your outer looks make impression on others which non-verbally defines your personality. Having an attractive appearance can help a lot in building the broken bridge of confidence which is a key to be successful in whatever anyone does.

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