Ways and Ideas to Avoid Anxiety During Exam Preparation


Exam is nightmare for every student, even the devoted and sharp students take the stress while preparing for exams, it feels like you know nothing, and seems too hard to revise everything, that actually is because of your anxiety and tension you exams take on nerves, it leads to wastage of time and doesn’t let you prepare with concentration and you might end up with bad scores. So follow these simple steps to avoid anxiety and stress during exams preparation.

Set a time-table and stick to it

Feeling anxious because exams are only a step far now? Set a timetable for yourself now. It helps you from avoiding wastage of time and let you know at what time, what you are supposed to do. Divide the whole syllabus into parts and give time according to the need of subject with respect to level of difficulty you feel in learning. Moreover, don’t ignore other activities you should do beside studies. It’s not possible to STUDY ONLY. The important thing about time-tables is that you must follow it; it’s useless unless you stick to it.

Keep your books and notes organized

As a student I always tried to keep my reading stuff organized, if not, it used to bother me a lot. If your notes and books are organized in nice manner, there won’t be any difficulty to search the chapter, topic or exercise you need to study. It saves time and prevents you from anxiety.

Give yourself time to study more

Don’t waste your time on unnecessary activities, watch TV for only short time, put back every time consuming activity for the time being and just concentrate on preparing for the exams.

Know what you need to study

This is very important that you should know what to study and what not, preparing everything for exam might not be that helpful.

No cramming allowed

Cramming is nothing but waste of energy in the end. People often start cramming when they are too stressed out for exams and take pressure of preparation that doesn’t help in anyway and lead to failure.

No use of crying over spilt milk

You may have wasted a lot of time, but it’s never too late to begin again as you can’t do anything about what loss has been done. It makes us anxious though, it’s better to move on and study hard; you may seek some help from your teacher or friends.

Self-Motivation, don’t think negatively.

Motivation is something that pushes us to work more hard and with more diligence. Phrases like, “I am definitely going to fail.”, and “there is no way I can pass the exam.” are cruel. This makes you more depress and won’t let you study. Motivate yourself for hard work; tell yourself that you can do it.

Stay Active

Studying, study and study! It sounds boring and tiring, moreover it’s become exhausting and depressing when you do nothing but become a bookworm. For keeping your mind and body active to learn new things affectively, you need to stay active. Give yourself small breaks during studying.

Don’t neglect meals and eat Healthy

Some students forget to eat and drink during exam preparation. It lead to weakness and less efficiency to study, therefore it is necessary to eat healthy and proper meals during preparing for exams.


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