Ways to Improve Writing Skills and Technique

Writing can be tough but using simple techniques and basic knowledge of English writing and rules of writing it can become simple and easy.

See the following tips you can use to improve your writing skills and techniques.


Go back to basics

F0r writing a worth reading achieve you must start from the BASICS. The basic grammar rules, punctuation and accurate spellings all these things and other rules like
?    Use of colon semi colons
?    Use of verb and phrasal verbs
?    Idioms
?    Narration
?    Paragraph writing
…matters a lot in creative writing. Once you get the command over the basic rules for writing English you can then move to critical techniques of writing.

Get inspiration

Read the legends of writing, read books, online columns and articles written by the best authors, get inspiration from them or one of them. You can improve your writing skill and techniques by following the way they have written. The essence of their writing shouldn’t be mixed with yours; you must have your own style and uniqueness in order to be recognized as a WRITER.



Whether you are writing an office report, an assignment, a blog, an assessment or whatever, the key point that makes your writing valid or void is the “research”, writing without any research is not a solid writing. Moreover when you write after doing a research you become confident in your work and that shows in your writing.


Practicing truly make a man perfect. When you are in process of learning anything you are required to PRACTICE so in this field. Write a lot and write about everything and after each time you write examine your writing ruthlessly. Highlight your mistakes and learn from them.  By practicing you can reduce your errors to zero.

Think about what reader needs to read

A common error in writing is seen that it doesn’t meet the requirement and need of the reader and if your writing isn’t that competent what’s the use of it? So when you are writing think about the reader and see how you can meet their need of reading your writing.  Your text should be clear, present your idea precisely but accurately. Some people, to look more author-istic uses tough words and long sentences, well that’s totally unnecessary and makes your wiring hard to understand.

Be confident

Confidence can improve your skills of writing; our mood and mental state make a definite impact on our writing if you feel scared and unconfident while writing something you sure are going to make some mistakes and vice versa.

Write what you think

The best writing is the honest writing, if you are writing on something you are supposed to write your approach about the topic, trust me you can write it best if you truly write what you THINK. This is a hindrance, I believe in the way of creative writing. Open your heart and mind and let the world know how you think, not how you MUST think.

Eliminate unnecessary words

A dragged out writing is boring plus useless. Eliminate all the unnecessary words and sentences. And reread your draft.

Get feedback

Feedback is crucial for any learner. A positive feedback gives confidence and strength, while a negative one makes you learn from your mistakes and bring along chances of improvement. Feedbacks make you see the side of your writing from reader’s point of view.

Be your own critic

Analyze your drafts critically, point out even smallest mistakes and write over and over. Write until you see a perfect writing.

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