Ways of Maintaining Discipline in Class-Room

Being a teacher takes Courage, patience, good leadership qualities and the most importantly your sense of learning student’s behavior and having authority and power to change their spoiled behaviors and maintaining good behavior. When a year starts in school the “good student behavior” stays for a week or 10 days not more than that. No matter how much you prepare yourself and try to keep the authority good behavior doesn’t last forever! Keeping authority and discipline doesn’t mean you want children to do only what YOU want but it means to make a positive atmosphere for students to study well and to make them able to do well in class. But it is not always easy especially when you have difficult kids.


See the following tips for maintain good student behavior throughout the year.

Positive teacher-student relationship

If a teacher has a good relationship with students, then students more readily accept the rules and procedures, and also the disciplinary actions that follow their violation, without the foundation of a good relationship. Students normally resist the rules and consequent disciplinary actions. When teacher have good relationship with the students the chances are more to keep discipline in class-room as they will listen to their teacher. “Every single major push in education has made it worse and right now it’s really bad because everything we’ve done is de-humanizing education. It’s destroying the possibility of the teacher and the student having a warm, friendly, intellectual relationship.”  – William Glasser 

Monitor student’s behavior

It is very crucial for a teacher to ACTUALLY KNOW her/his students, only when a teacher know the student and care about them can teach them effectively and make discipline in the class. In order to know students a teacher must monitor student’s behavior, being watchful and analyzing the actions and reactions of students can make it possible to learn about their psychology and behavior.

Assign duties

In case you are having difficulty in keeping discipline in the class room and there are some students that are making it difficult in particular. Assigning some tricky duties to those kids can minimize the destruction of discipline.


“Discipline is helping a child solving problem, punishment is making a child suffer for having a problem. To raise problem solvers, focus on solutions not retribution.”L.R. Knost  

Positive reinforcement is helpful in keeping discipline in the classroom.

Model the behavior you want students to produce

“Values are caught, not taught.”

As a teacher it is your obligation to be a role model for the students, you have to inspire them in every aspect. They will learn from you, if you are respectful they will learn how to respect, if you show trust, enthusiasm, interest and courtesy in your daily dealing with them and others as well they will learn that and will show it back to you.

Be consistence

If you are not going to maintain discipline in class, your students may lose a chance to learn discipline. So be firm and consistent when trying to maintain discipline in the class-room.



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