Ways to Manage Time During an Exam

Exams are tiresome and most students hate to give an exam, but nothing can help to skip one, right? As there is no way to escape you have to prepare well, in every aspect, studying hard and being a book worm doesn’t guarantee good scores, this is because things like time managements matters a lot, a student who have burnt the midnight oil not must be top scorer unless he actually do answer the all questions asked in exam. Therefore time management is very important.


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Here are some must dos in this regard.

Keep your mind awake

This is the key to give your best, you must know that if you are going to blank out or feeling numb, it’s going to be a waste of whole hard work you have done in preparing for exam. You must keep yourself aware of what you are going to do before entering exam hall. We are repeatedly told by our teachers to Answer only required Questions and not extra questions, well is the best advice, for saving time and using time in best way during and exam. A genius student may fail to answer required number of questions If doesn’t stay calm while preparing and attempting the question as well. This is all about how you keep yourself stress-free.

Writing speed

This absolutely can’t be fix during an exam, though the speed of writing increases in last hour of exam because students are running out of time, you may complete the answers but what about your handwriting? If you look at it again it has become Illegible, it gives a bad impression and you to be worried about your scores as well. So prior your exams, you must right a lot and try to write faster than you do. It can save a significant amount of time during exam.

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Read the question papers carefully

This part is the most important, when you are given the Question sheet, start reading all the questions one by one without giving attention to any other thing. After you have read all the questions carefully you will be able to decide what questions are there you can answer in the best way in given time?


Students often make the mistakes while attempting similar kind of questions because they didn’t read it carefully and wrote something which wasn’t inquired. This affects the scores and wastes your efforts.

Time division

After reading all the questions and deciding what questions you are going to answer, the next should be how much time you are going to give each answer, it is possible that all the answers doesn’t require same amount of time, some answers may not stand in need of more time, like theories can written in less time in comparison with essay like questions. Divide the given time wisely to attempt all the questions.


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Go easy to tough

Start from an easier questions that you can attempt more confidently and more accurately, it will give a nice first impression to the checker and can save time for the next questions. Few things must be kept in mind while writing the first answer
– this is not the only question you have to answer
– Don’t waste the time on extra details neither make it too short’

Ask for extra sheets prior time

You’re time very precious when you are sitting in exam room, try to save every single second you can. When you see you have used most of the papers given, and you are going to need more, give a call for more sheets before you run out of sheets.


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Beat the hard luck

It can happen to anyone, it’s not always our day, when something unexpected happens, like you gave wrong numbering to question or got confused with it, attempted wrong question, gone blank or something similar, don’t panic out it will just be a greater disaster, keep calm and stay concentrated. Try your best to fix the errors, and right a note about the changes you made.


Let the bell ring first

Don’t be in a hurry; you are doing the most important thing as a student. Write all the questions in time given, never leave the room before time, if you have written down all the question, revise the stuff you have written you may find some mistakes.

And… Never waste time in cheating like things.

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