What Are the Causes of women lower Back Pain:

When the pain starts below the ribcage which is called as lumber region, this would call as lower back pain. When you feels of not getting up straight and you feel hard to move then yes this is the back pain.


Heavy lifting:

Some of the times it occurs due to heavy lift of any heavy object. Those object you carry or trade them by your own power. It is a chronic pain. Within 72 hours isn’t it getting better then you needs to ask your doctor.


Some of the times you got fall down. Or you have some kind of injury, and you got out of your mint that the pain is just because of falling injury. Then if you got urinate problem, having fever and leg weakness then you need to ask your doctor for this.


Too much exercising or too much weight lifting may cause a back pain. This is called as sciatica. If you are having a pain in buttock down one leg then its sciatica. Because the ruptures disc sometimes got presses the sciatic nerve.



Back pain culprit:

Sometimes you got your pain permanent. As alike, if your job is of sitting on the desk whole day, and your chair is too much uncomfortable, then you’re going to have a back pain.

Spinal nerves:

When a pressure is put on the spinal nerves then the back pain takes place.



Over weight:

Some of the ladies got over weight then you need to overcome your weight, because it’s the one of the famous pain in ladies.

Bag lifting:

It is the lower back which uplifts your upper body. As like, carrying a hand bag some of the times make your pain in back.

Work out:

A huge time when is given to the gym then some of the times lower back pain takes place.



Unequal balance on both feet:

Unbalanced weight putting on both feet may also affect your back.

Herniated disc:

By aging or injuries rupture disc is porn to wear and tear process, due to which herniated disc kind a disease do takes place.




Due to miscarriage the back pain also takes place.


Pregnancy is also a main and a normal cause of getting a lower back pain. You need to take a warm bath. And warm your back with the Luke warm water bottle.



It takes place at the first 20 weeks, when if there are a sudden and a huge bleeding. Due to which an abortion takes place. You need a doctor. It’s a threaten abortion pain.

Kidney infection:

A kidney infection also causes the cancer. The urine problem and the back pain, blood with urine make you meet a doctor as soon as possible.


Pelvic inflammatory disease:

It’s kind of an infection of reproductive organs of the women. It does take place while urinate or while having sex. So you need to talk to your doctor.


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