3d Room Wallpaper Designs and Arranging Ideas:

Yes you can change your simple walls of your room in to 3d effects. An astonishing fun is looking at you if going to make your wall as different as possible by having 3d wallpapers. It’s not so hard to let it happen you just need of having an artistic mind. 3d wallpapers used to zoom in your room walls. Let we discuss something about wallpapers well.

3d wall paints:

You need to be an artist painter. Or you need to have some tips by a great painter.

Combo of colors:

Black and white a common one:

This shape is called as zoom in and out featured effect. This is looking quite interesting and unique too. Just make a white wash and then just make zooms by sketching with pencil and just go paint it out well. Your neighbors are going to be jealous of you with this unique 3d effect of wallpaper.


Red and black:

A sexy and a hot color combo! If you are not so cool one artist just bought an artist to sketch it for you just sketch! Then after sketching you are easily able to paint it yourself not so tough not so tired one work. Actually for making a beautiful home you have to do such stuff. Add a sketch work of blocks. Then apply a combo of color red and hot. As you know well red is the color of hotness!


Bottle green and grey:

You can apply a bright color also. As alike in picture you just need to do, have a grey color on your wall. Then sketch it up with different design. If you’re a kid then you can also sketch any cartoon on with this color combo. And paint the whole stuff up.


Skinny and sea green:

Why don’t you try a sea effect in your room? Hang-up at sea side in your home also. You just have to make apply a color of see and a skinny layer on. It can be drawn with charts and also with paints also. the choice is all yours.


3d wall Spray art:

Multiple shades:

You can apply spray art also very well. You just need a couple of spray bottles. Having shinning effects in. you can also make a mountain effects bay having spray your wall.


Rainbow effects:

Rainbow is the most loving thing in the sky that everyone wants to have a look over. So again you also have an option of having a rainbow art on your wall. To make it 3d you need just to explore you colors out with a fabulous art work.



3d wall craft paper art:

Butterfly and bat art:

A fabulous outstanding 3d art work is CRAFTING. Effect crafting creates an awesome attraction place butterfly and bats all over in your room to make it 3d wall effect. Just trace or sketch the selected fly on craft paper and then cut it off then just past it with silicon or with glue on the wall. It’s an easy and fantastic art.




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