Best and Unique Ideas for Flower Girl Outlook and Ring Bearers:

Without flower girl and a ring bearer the wedding ceremony didn’t ends all well. With the glamorous bride and a groom there will be the concept of cuteness too. As such kind of the concept always does fill up by the flower girl and the ring bearer. A very trendy way for the warm welcome of the bride, is always been done by the flower girls. And according to the trend the ring bearer is a boy. It just held kind of a security guard of the ring as for the fun. Both of the cute wedding stoppers of the ceremony always do have an eye on them. Because it will be the cutest part of anyone’s wedding ceremony.


There are best and unique ideas of making your baby more attractive as a flower girl and ring bearer.

There should be matching in between there dresses. You can make the frock of the girl and shirt of the boy with same colors.


Or you can match up the accessories of the kids. Alike matching of tie with the girl’s hair band.

If a girl is having a dress of sky blue then make the boy’s bow tie with sky blue color.

If a girl is having a bow back belt of different color then you can add same color of flower in boy’s pocket. Or you can make both of the bows with same colors.


To make it to unique add umbrella with the flower girl. The umbrella should be of different colors. And make sure of having flower on them. Because having an umbrella she’ll not be able to carry a bucket of flower. So carrying the name she needs to have some flowers with her.


A flower girl also can carry a stylish hair catch on her head with help of flowers. So it will be presentable as a flower girl. Mixture of colors of flowers is placed as a head band. Some of the colors are being matched with the color of the spray of colors in her dress.



If you’re having a concept of vintage then you need to put your baby boy with ever best vintage cap. And also a bow tie, with multi shades. He is having a pillow in his hand having a ring in it. Make sure that the pillow color should be matched up with the color of its pants. And also he is having a same tie bow and same vintage cap on his head.



To make your ring bearer more attractive, wear him up with a security costume. You can also make your baby a security guard’s full costume. Having an ear micro phone in. and you need to arrange a security suitcase having a ring in it. Black goggles on eyes. With black coat and pants on. With a white shirt and black shoe and tie also. This will be the coolest ring bearer ever.


Make your baby girl ready with the mixed contrast of black and golden color. Having skinny purls set in her neck. This golden basket is being matched with the dress color. So you can easily matched and mix up these colors with relax mood.



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