Best Andriod Apps for kids

The Google Play Store includes a well-stocked Family section stacked with child benevolent games, applications and instructive tools that guardians and kids can play and enjoy together. In view of that, we’ve reviewed our best Android applications for children, highlighting everything from parental controls and sandbox applications to ensure your telephone isn’t misused to games, intuitive storybooks and electronic playsets that you and your kids can enjoy without any difficulty.

Grandma’s Preschool

We beyond any doubt have some good news from the most well known Grandma on the App Store, Fairlady Media released a new application for children called “Grandmother’s Preschool”, which incorporates numerous fun and instructive smaller than expected games for young kids and preschoolers.


Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet requires an Internet connection and a lot of storage space for full functionality. In spite of the fact that the possibility of a alphabet set application is focused to preschoolers, more old children will get a kick out of the animations and grow their vocabularies, as well, with the clear words included. More words are included periodically.


Dr. Panda’s Ice Cream Truck

Children can now hop into the role of a dessert ice cream seller with Dr. Panda’s Ice Cream Truck where they get the chance to make their own dessert and offer those to individuals in the area. The dessert Truck game is accessible for iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire for just $ 0.99 – and is the 1st Dr. Panda application that is played in a portrait mode, which is somewhat uncommon and ought to make particularly cell phone users please.


My playHome stores

My PlayHome Stores is a virtual shopping mall where children can “purchase” foodstuffs, garments, frozen yogurt, and different things utilizing cash from a virtual ATM. A sequel of the famous My PlayHome, this application sets with the first consistently (characters can move forward and backward between the two), so anticipate that children will need both. At dispatch, the application has four shops, however the distributer is known for its free (and substantial) updates.



Thinkrolls 2

With Thinkrolls, the Greek App designers Avokiddo have released an extremely entertaining logical puzzle app for children recently, which has now been proceeded with Thinkrolls 2. With more than 230+ new and knotty levels, Thinkrolls 2 offers once more, numerous hours of immaculate diversion for children and perhaps either grown-up, including ourselves as we’ve come to witness.


StarWalk Kids

Star Walk is one of the benchmarks for stargazing applications. The child benevolent variant, fittingly named Star Walk for Kids, is an incredible interpretation of acquainting children with the miracles of the universe. The interface is more toon style, yet it keeps the mark highlight of giving you a chance to raise it over your head to see where heavenly bodies are located.


Zoo alphabets for kids

Zoo Alphabet for Kids is a recommended educational app. This app for all and it is a great way to make preschool kids to learn about the basic alphabets in a literary yet easy and entertaining way.



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