Best Android Games for kids

The cell phone platform by and large is gone for young people and the grown-ups who have their own cell phones. But, the platform is rapidly developing into an extraordinary spot for children with a choice of applications and games that cater to younger personalities alongside hardware particularly designed for children. It is very significant to note that children can be anywhere in the range of three or four years of age to twelve years of age so this list may include games that are excessively mature or hard for more younger children or simple for more older children. It would be ideal if you utilize your best discretion.

The following are the best games for kids age limit given above.

Angry bird

The best game for andriod in history is free on Google Play. Control an arsenal of birds of winged creatures as you indulgence them into enemy pigs through slingshot at all measure of swings possible to reach to the next level.


Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump made its presentation on iOS with fantastic success. To such an extent that it was said in mainstream TV shows like The Big Bang Theory. It would later come to Android see comparable success. It’s a decent game for children because of its basic game play. You should simply make the creature thing bounce starting with one cloud platform then onto the next and the score is dictated by how far up somebody can get. It’s likewise allowed to play and the in application buys aren’t expected to play it.


Fruit ninja

Fruit Ninja tasks kids with slicing more and more as much possible fruits in few slices in order to ear highest points and gain experience. With that player must avoid the bombs as in case bomb is sliced score will be reduced.


Cut the rope series

Cut the Rope is an extraordinary game for children and it’s really a genuinely very cool time killer for grown-ups too. The game play is easy on the grounds that you should simply feed a creature some candy and how about we confront facts, a huge number of individuals do that on Halloween consistently. It’s an adorable, yet basic game with a lot of levels to play and 12 games to browse. The main potential issue with this one is that the levels do get much harder by the end so be set up to assist if your children can’t make sense of it!


Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is a game for small children that show them how to read. They’re given a word and the letters are strewn about the screen. They have to drag every letter to every word. When they finish the word, the letters transform into little animals that show what the word means. In case that your child can complete word, odds are they’re old enough for the game, making it impossible to play a game like this so that is something to remember. It’s additionally allowed to download which a pleasant plus point.


Where’s my water

Rather than slicing or throwing, this physics science based game essentially needs you to tap and let water stream so Sparky the croc can take a decent, long shower. The movements and clever game plan makes for a fun approach to test your kid’s problem-solving abilities. On the off chance that you have issues clarifying gravity, this is your game.


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