Best Cheap, Fun Things to Do This Weekend


I personally would recommend you to never let anything interfere with having fun. Most of the times when we are looking for the ways to have a fun time, we are often left with no ideas, even after thinking for long time. Find the main attractions for you and make a decision how to make life full of fun and joy as it contributes a lot in living a healthier and longer life.
Here are some ideas which are cheap but help you in leading a great deal of time by pulling you out from your busy life.

Go outside and have fun

Going outside brings a very positive change in your mood, especially when you go close to the nature. Longs walks in nature help you in refreshing your mind.
You may have a picnic party with your friends or family members and ask everyone to make something from scratch. Making your own kite and flying it is a superb idea which really makes you feel delighted.
There is another splendid idea of urban foraging which involves picking free fruits, vegetables, and edible plant life around your city, where sanctioned. Such small acts are not harmful for others but bring much positivity and refreshment in your life.

Collecting nature is another thing which is quite interesting. You can collected shaped rocks or shells.
Exploring some areas might also bring excitement to you. Do the things you loved to do as a child.
Seek for entertainment options
Sing your favorite songs aloud. Look if there are any concerts going on in nearby parks. Bring DVDs of your favorite movies and watch them.

Spend your day looking for any free street performances in nearest big city.
Invite all of your most talented musicians, comedian and poet friends and host your own open mic night.
You may also spend your day as a cultural day by visiting some culture museum. Listen some classical music and watch some classical movie.
Have family barbecue party where the kids come up with a little show to perform.

Be foody

If you are a food lover, this is the best choice to make your day delightful. You can swap family recipes with a friend and make each other enjoy together.  You can also have a cookie swap party where everyone makes a dozen and goes home with a dozen of all different types of cookies. You can host your friends on dinner and same way take turns hosting dinners with other friends, this is less expensive and fuller of fun. Potluck dinners are another awesome idea you can go for. Having food parties carry lots of fun where everyone participates equally and most importantly they get an opportunity to be socialized with each other.

End note:

This is not difficult to add fun into your life. A life without fun makes you behave like a machine which is not good for your mental and physical health. As well as it cuts down your interaction with other and gradually you start become a loner. Add fun into your life, get socialized, do the things you used to love as a child and stay happy.

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