The Best Disney Movies Released in 2016

The most awaited movies this year are by Disney and have been praised a lot. Here is the list of movies released this year (2016).

Finding Dory

Dory – Ellen DeGeneres is a wide awaited, blue tang fish who encounters memory loss at regular intervals of 10 seconds. The one thing she can recollect is that she has been separated from her folks as a kid. With assistance from her friends Nemo and Marlin, Dory sets out on an epic adventure to discover them again.



From the largest elephant to the tinest shrew, the city of Zootopia is a well evolved creature city where different creatures live and flourish. At the point when Judy Hopps – Ginnifer Goodwin turns into the main rabbit to join the police, she rapidly figures out that it is so hard to uphold the law. Resolved to substantiate herself, Judy seizes the chance to comprehend a strange case. Shockingly, that implies working with Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a wily fox who makes her employment considerably harder.

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A once-compelling demigod – Dwayne Johnson and a lively girl Auli’i Cravalho leave on an epic enterprise over the sea.

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The Jungle book

Raised by a group of wolves when born, Mowgli – Neel Sethi must leave the Jungle – his home he’s known when the fearsome tiger Shere Khan – Idris Elba unleashes his roar. Guided by a jaguar – Ben Kingsley and a bear Bill Murray, Mowgli meets a variety of wild animals, including a slithery python and a kind – talking ape. Along the way, Mowgli learns important life lessons as his epic journey of self-revelation leads to amusement and thrill.

4 the-jungle-book

Alice through the looking glass

In the wake of slipping through a mirror, Alice Mia Wasikowska discovered back in Underland with the White Queen –Anne Hathaway, the Cheshire cat, the White Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Her companions advise her that the Mad Hatter – Johnny Depp is in a funk over the loss of his family. Planning to spare his friends and family, Alice takes the Chronosphere from Time – Sacha Baron Cohen to go into the past.

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The finest hours

On February 18 – 1952, a destructive storm parts the SS Pendleton in two, trapping more than 30 mariners inside the tanker’s sinking stern. Engineer Ray Sybert fearlessly takes the responsibility to make a plan for his fellow survivors. As news about the of the calamity achieves the Coast Guard in Chatham, Mass., Chief Warrant Officer Daniel Cluff orders a challenging mission for the rescue.

6 The-Finest-Hours-Movie-Poster


10year old Sophie is in for the adventure of a lifetime when she meets the Big Friendly Giant –Mark Rylance. Normally terrified at to start with, the girl soon understands that the 24-foot behemoth is very gentle and enchanting.

7 the-BFG-poster

Pete’s Dragon

Mr. Meacham – Robert Redford, a woodcarver loves neighborhood kids and shares stories of a mysterious Dragon that lives somewhere down in the forested areas of the Pacific Northwest. His daughter Grace – Bryce Dallas Howard believes these are simply stories, until she meets Pete – Oakes Fegley, a 10-year-old who says he lives in the forested areas with a giant, friendly dragon. With assistance from a girl named Natalie – Oona Laurence, Grace went to find the Dragon.

8 petesdragon

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