How to Entertain Yourself without Technology

Let’s face the truth, we are not using technology but we are being controlled by it, if you are asked to count your activities you do without being in contact with technology the answer will be ‘nothing’ or hardly one or two things. This shows how much we depend on objects like our laptops, mobile phones, TV, etc to be entertained. So it might become difficult to stay entertained when you are not able to use technology and even if that’s not the case one must take some Tech-free time to be more healthy and happy.



Here are some simple yet entertaining ideas you can use at anytime any place!

Read a book

If you are a reader you must know how much a book can be entertaing, books can make us thrilled, emotional, inspire and even motivated for what we have been avoiding since forever.

Reread your favorite book

Read a book you read last year or even before that, you loved the book but now the content of the book is not clear enough in your mind. Rereading it will be very much fun and a great way to kill time.

Get into your garden

Primping plants and trees and the grass can be veeery relaxing plus the Best use of time. In the busy life… well so called busy life, we find no time to ‘sit and stare’ the most of the time people are staring at there phones or the television screens. So get into a Gardner’s avatar and spend some time in appreciating the beauty of nature.

Pamper yourself

Staying in a tying schedule sometimes… no most of the times makes us neglect ourselves and thus our skin become rough, or body out of shape and hair becomes grass! Well take a break! And pay heed to yourself. Do some selfgrooming and exercise daily.

Dance for yourself

Bored?  Why not dancing, it will boost your mood and you will feel happier and it requires no technology!

Go through the fame fashion magazines

Fashion magazines are full of entertainment and paparazzi stuff. It can’t be boring to read a fashion magazine.

Do-it-yourself (DIY)

Make a collage with magazines and newspapers pieces available at home then frame and hang it on a wall. You can make 100000000…n projects just by using your imagination and some used stuff.

Draw, paint or make crafts

Creativity has never let anyone stay idle or bored, so use yours and make a sketch or a painting  and may be a drawing of anything that comes first in your mind.

Try cooking skills

Cook something you haven’t cooked yet. Cooking takes time and can be fun when making something unique.

Play “Would You Rather”

A very cool game! Helps you to know other people’s priorities and choices, here is how to play it.

Give your friend or opponent two choices and ask to pick one. Make those choics hard and little silly. For example you can ask, would you rather select living on under water of in the space?


Time flies fastest when you sleep. Anyways napping for 10-20 minutes a day can reviatalize you and makes your more active without even grabbing a cup of coffee.


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