Fun Things To Do With Your Friends


Friends are an integral part of life. Time, you spend with your friends can rightly be said as quality time. One always tries to make the time, being spent with friends, special. But it often happens when it comes to have some time with friends, you don’t find the things worthy enough to go for. There is nothing good on computer as you have already played all of your favorite games.

There is nothing especial on TV other than same daily programs and you find no place to go with your friends. Here we are providing you with some ideas you can adopt in order to spend a great session with your friends. Check out our list!

Visit some unusual place

Go to some place which is not your usual hangout point, not to some place you often go.  You can go to some dive bar. Visit and stay at some place where you have never been, with your friends.

Have a clip show

Having a clip show may be quite entertaining and memorable thing to do. Just sit around all of you and recall the funniest and craziest things from the past.

Be creative

Being creative is very entertaining so go for it. You can do things like writing. Everyone should write something and then utter it aloud to let others know what you have written. Then every one of you should do the same. You can also have singing, painting or other art competition.

Play some game

You people may play some very interesting games such as “Laser tag”. There is no age limit for this game.

Enjoy restaurant’s happy Hour

You may go with your friends to some restaurant to take advantage of its happy hour. This is the source of great fun to put all the dignity aside and indulge in unusual things people generally don’t do.

Binge YouTube

Just be in your room and start up your computer. Go to YouTube and every one of you show of their special videos. Each of you should be unique in their selections so that everyone may enjoy. If you go for some video and others find it totally boring, you will be responsible for this boredom.

Play board games

Board games that you have been playing since all your childhood can be a good choice to go for. Play various play board games with your friends to refresh childhood memories.

Go camping

Go to some place, such as in the middle of nowhere and go camping. In this period of time stay away from your mobile phone, tablets, Wi-Fi, hotspot etc and spend your whole time with your friends only.

Plan some visit to anywhere

Sit down with all of your friends and make some plan of making a fun trip to some place this year. If possible, get the tickets and get your hotels reserved so that it may become official. Start counting the days to be there.

Have a potluck dinner party

Potluck dinner party is where everyone brings a dish to share with others. You can host a party and spend a splendid dinner time with your friends. If anyone of you is not interested in cooking, they may try to learn how to cook something together with your friends. It will bring a lot of fun to you.

Have a spa day

Give spa treatments to each other. Try out new hairstyles each other and give manicures and pedicures to each other. Drink mimosas. Make some facial masks or exfoliates using natural home ingredients

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