Movies that Make your Depressive Mind Relaxed

There are a few movies which are worth watching when you are in a depressive mood. At the times when you just need to chill out, watching out of these movies may help you a lot in making your mood better. We have created a list of movies that can distract you from depressiveness and make you feel quite relaxed.



Amelie is one of those movies which make you feel quite relax in depression. This is the story of an innocent and simple girl who lives in Paris and possesses her own sense of justice. She decides to help people in the world around her and she finds love along this way. The movie was released in 2001.



The movie was release in 2011 and is directed by jonathan Levine. Its script is based on a real story of a 27 years old guy who comes to know that he is a cancer patient. He learns how to defeat this illness. The movie brings optimism to the audience.



A 1950 movie, the story of a middle aged man who is thought to be insane by his family and others is really worth watching. The man insists everybody that he has an invisible rabbit, as tall as a man. That man is considered to be fool but might possible he is wise than anyone. The movie will perk you up when you are upset.

Big Fish


The story of a guy who is a journalist and always been told exaggerated stories about life by his father. There is a strained relationship between the father and the son. The son thinks that has never told the real side of life. When he starts investigating the stories told by his father he starts understanding his father and his propensity of storytelling.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


The movie is American romantic fantasy drama and was released in 2008. Benjamin Button is the main character of the movie which was born under unusual circumstances. The man starts aging backwards. At the age of 12 he meets a child daisy who flickers in and out of his life as she grows up to be a dancer.

Pursuit of happiness


This is the story if a single father who is having a young child and has to endure many hardships in life but he refuses to give in to despair and struggles hard to get a better life style for himself and his son. Once they are evicted from their apartment and find no way to go but the struggle of the man and not losing hope brings a brighter future to them.

Silver Lining Playbook


Man has lost his job and life and spent some time in a mental institution. He decides winding up living with his parents and reuniting with his ex-wife. Then she meets a girl who offers her help to him regarding his reunion but in lieu of it she asks him to do something very important for her.

127 Hours


A movie which makes you feel how valuable your life is and how important your loved ones are. It motivates you to never ever give up.

An adventurer finds himself in trouble while exploring a remote are when a boulder falls on his arm and he finds that he has to amputate his arm so that he may make his way back to his city.

About time


The story is much more than a love story. It makes you realize how to appreciate the small things in life which we usually don’t even bother to feel. Must watch this movie whenever you feel depressed.

Stand by me


Four boys go to see the body when they come to know that a stranger has been killed near their homes in village. On the way they learn about each other and their home lives. The movie shows you how to be a kid again and how to deal with the problems in life.

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