Things Children Would Love To Do in Rain

It doesn’t rain every day, and just because it’s raining outside so you have to keep your children lock inside the home, let them play, and discover the beauty of rain and nature. The smell is nice and refreshing when its rain and they might witness “A rainbow” after rain stops. There are a lot of things your children would love to do in rain, look at some creative fun activities.

Making Rain gauge

Children are the true explorer of word, they love finding out new things and making new things, rain gauge can be made easily just by a scale and a water can or container, children would love to know how much it rained.

1 Rain gauge

Rain painting

Colors have extra value in eyes of little angels, they find excitement in coloring and painting, they can even paint in rain, they would enjoy even more doing their favorite things like painting.

2 rain painting

Just provide them with stuff and watch the master pieces.

Making Mud Pies

it’s been ages, mud pies are still one of the favorite rain game of children. They collect the mud and make pie with it; they even garnish the pie with flowers, leaves and straws. It give spark to their creativity

3 mud-pie

Water Park

Water parks are the most loved destinations of kids, they love playing in water, like fish they swim in water and their precious smiles are worth making them a home-made-Park, use water pipes and swimming pools for making a park for them. It will increase the charm and fun of rain.

4 water park

Mud play

Mud is gorgeous, children love to play with it, and it boosts creativity and love for soil. Our grandparents were used to play this game; our parents played it, we played it, the next generation plays it too.
5 mud play

Puddle jumping

Its simply exciting, when its rain the whole atmosphere changes, the air becomes less polluted, makes breathing easy and make all of fill with joy. Puddle jumping becomes a sources of laughter and happiness.

6 jumping-puddles

Rain Race

7 -kids-running-rain

rain racing is absolutely joyous, running and playing in rain is such a bliss. We usually discourage our kids from jumping and running in the water, make it a different day for the kids, get ready and start making water splash in puddles; it will give a happy surprise to your kids and the more fun on the way.

Chalk drawings

yet another creative activity that charge the fun time. Making drawing of rainbows, clouds, and umbrellas with chalks on roads and street and seeing colors’ flowing on roads it’s exciting.

8 chalking


Camping is always fun, it’s more thrilling and chilling when it’s in rain. Provides family with quality time and give opportunity to listen to the sweet music rain produces.

9 camping-rain

Rhyming in the Rain

songs and poem automatically come out when you are getting wet in rain, children enjoy rain when they sing and dance in the rain.


10sining in rain

Making “rainy day” Documentary

Get a water proof camera for your child to cover the events like rainy day. Let him discover the beauty of rain and put those photos in a diary with descriptions.

But, the whole, time keep eye on kids playing.

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