The Top Scariest Movies on Netflix

The film-watching world can undoubtedly be part into two sections: the individuals who like horror films and the individuals who don’t like them and never watch them at any cost. In case that you fall into the 2nd group then you should quit reading and there’s a murderous alien behind you!
In any case, if you enjoy the odd nightmare then take note, here are the top scariest movies to watch on Netflix. Tell us in the comments on the off chance that you’ve found any scarier options.

The babadook


You won’t discover numerous thrillers with a rating of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes however The Babadook is no common blood and guts film. It is the story of a mother attempting to control her young child who is tormented by visions of a creature he supposes is coming to kill them. He might be correct. The movie is really horrifying!



What is it with frightening children and cinema? We’re never freaked out each time a bowl haired youngster gets themselves controlled by evil spirits. Hollywood just gets it. What’s more, they’ve surely not ease up for this arresting terror, which sees a couple battle supernatural forces when their child enters an out cold state, winding up turning into the host for phantoms from an astral dimension. Whatever you do, don’t watch it alone.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose


In case you’re going to make a film around an exorcism, you have a truly high benchmark to go after fit as a shape of, you know, the best horror movie ever, The Exorcist. We’re not saying this is up there with it, but rather flippin’ hell it gives us the creeps. The fact that this story is based (yet freely) on a genuine story of a 19 year old green bean just increase the frighteningness.

The Devil’s rejects


Right, this one isn’t for those with a delicate constitution. The gory, sadistic and plain frightful frightfulness from chief/rockstar Rob Zombie is truly gross-out. The film tracks the developments of the Firefly family – a trio of kin never going to budge on getting away from the police by any methods fundamental. Try not to say we didn’t caution you.

The Devil inside


20 years after a lady killed three people, her little girl Isabella goes to a hospital for the criminally crazy to work out on the off chance that her mom is experiencing fancies or genuine devilish ownership. Sadly it’s the last mentioned and it isn’t much sooner than she’s enrolling two exorcists to help her battle back for her mom’s spirit. Also, if that doesn’t get your consideration, simply take a gander at that picture.



The procedure of pregnancy, giving birth and being a mother has fuelled numerous great blood and gore movies, from Rosemary’s Baby to The Omen to lesser seen French thriller inside. Effortlessness takes an exceptional, and stunning, turn on the subgenre by taking a mother’s trepidation over the strength of her child to extremes. After her infant is stillborn, a lady is shocked when she comes to life yet issues soon emerge, for example, the infant’s urgent requirement for blood…

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