Various Dress Code Ideas for your Party

there are various party dress codes that you can select for the party you’re organizing. But what a party dress code defines? It defines what the host and guests are going to wear in the party. Here are some popular Party dress codes with complete guide.


Black tie

a party with Black tie dress code is a formal party, but you can be creative here. How to dress up with this dress code depends upon numbers of guests as well if there is a long guest list of 100+ guests you need to be more classy and dressier.


Guide for women

Long gowns in velvet or satin fabric should be good choice but you can go with you can also wear knee length dress and this doesn’t mean you can wear mini dress. Wear a foot wear with beads or stones and same goes for jewelry with addition of gold platinum chain, pearls bracelets and necklace.

Guide for men

wear Black tuxedo jacket with formal white dress shirt with studs and black dress pant, a matching bow tie and black formal shoes.

White tie

this is the most formal dress code so you should dress up accordingly, don’t dress up casual for such parties.


Guide for women

For this dress code a women wears long elegant gowns with fancy jewelry and classy foot wears. Gloves are optional.

Guide for men

a tailcoat with white shirt, white tie and vest should be put on for this dress code party. One must look classy and formal.


for cocktail attire it requires an elegant but not formal looks.


For Women

the recommendation for this dress code is a knee length dress or pencil skirt with elegant shirt, fabric stuff should be chiffon, silk and satin. Go with nice heels and a brooch. For hair they can be messy bun or curls or up do ponytails.

For men

a dark suit, long sleeve white shirt dress shirt with tie. Wear nice dress shoes with socks compulsory.


Casual dress means anything will do but let’s put a thought into it. Only because it’s a casual dress code party you cannot wear just anything.


For men

wear your best denim pant preferably dark color with a nice shirt or sweater/jacket. Wear your casual shoes with socks. Jeans are acceptable but not the sweatpants of course.

For women

a short dress, skirt, or even some cool trouser style pant with casual shirt will work. casual shoes and some non


Festive dress code can be formal and informal both, you need to consider few things before you get ready for the party.


* Time of the party
* location of the party
* Number of guests

for women

Add up some holiday colors to your dress up. Try wearing silk dress or shirt with pant or skirt. For foot wear your pumps or platform heels. Your looks should give the impact of festive.

For men

wear dark colors but add some holiday colors too, don’t wear khakis or light colors. Try some patterned shirt and leather shoes.


Informal is usually taken as casual but this is not the case, informal require different things than casual.

For women for this dress code no long gowns and dresses are required, you can wear a cocktail or separates with nice heels

For men

Dark suits are required for night time parties but light colors can be wear in day time parties.


Business Formal

business formal dress code gives you hint of wearing nice Work time attire.

For women

you can wear all the dressy suits and may be a nice dress but not any gown like thing or revealing slinky dresses.

For men

for men it is same life formal suiting along with dress shoes and socks.

Resort/outdoor Attire

this is more like a summer time looks dress code so let’s think of it as summer time attire.


For women

with the sun up you can wear nice chic short skirts or elegant Capri style pant with beautiful color top. Wear sandals or flats, but If you are short heighted feel free to wear heel. Try some cool looking sun glasses and floppy summer hat.

For men

this is right time for you to wear your khakis and light colored casuals with buttoned shirt or polo shirt along with clean deck shoes or sneakers.

Don’t try flip flops and dirty sneakers.

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