Different Colors in Omber Style for Classy Nail Art

The craze associated with nail art in different design is increasing day by day. Girls now think it essential to buy nail paints for the dress they are going to wear. Different designs of nail art must attract every one and looking at the design this interest would create in every girl to also embellish her nails with different art. Omber style nail art is matchless and no color is comparable with this amazing looking shades. What this color can do may be difficult for any girl to avoid it looking at its charming effect.

Different shades combine in wonderful manner in nail art will please you and the beholder. Different colors in omber style give an outstanding look and must try this for an upcoming event. Not necessarily on any special occasion but on casual events and college going students can paint their nails in omber style to make heir hands look attractive because nails are the center of hands. Some designs are shown here in omber style;

Omber style in purple shade;

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Purple color looks magnificent in every shade. The combination of these shades will give spectacular look. Try this design and with you simple-looking outfit this nail paint will add more glamour and you will enjoy striking and stunning look. First to manicure your hand is must thing and your clean and beautiful hands will look more attractive. So first of all must pay heeds to the look of your hands and then this style will look more fabulous on your beautiful hands.

Grey color in omber style;

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In this winter wearing velvet dress that is must for winter try this color nil art for red or black color outfit and also you can opt for this color design for silk fabricated outfits. You can make this design at home easily. Using scotch tape three shades of the same color can be paint on nails. If you look at the picture three colors are designed very beautifully and with the sequence of shades grey color is looking breath-taking. First apply dark color shade on the lower part of the nail pasting scotch tape on the upper part. Then apply another shade lighter than the shade that you have applied. Lastly for the tip use a very light shade of the same color and the result will make you eye-popping.

Aqua color in omber design;

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Go for this color nail paint and if you do not want acrylic nails then make this design on your own. Applying three different shades with sequence on your nails then take sparkling and shiny nail paint. To make the nail art more stunning apply sparkling nail paint on the edges. Apart from being simple this kind of design will go even with fancy dresses. And if you are wearing simple dresses this fancy looking design will make your appearance alluring and attention-grabbing.

Coral color in shades to have omber effect;

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Coral is the favorite of girls and women and you can have this color in omber style. On pointed nails this color combination is looking very aesthetic and for party functions must try this color. You can use studs o make the nail art further glamorous and these studs will definitely add charm to your beautiful nail paint. Your other choices can be pearls and beads to adorn nail art design.

All colors in different shades are applicable in omber style and applying the paint in horizontal form your nails will look very edgy and classy. Make your appearance style-statement with this addition to the overall look.

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