Exclusive Nail Arts In White Color

Nail art is very common among the girls they don’t go outside without using nail paints and it is  available in many strange  color  which is never seen  anyone before this .nail paints can enhance the beauty of your hands  because when you trim your nails and manicure then your nails  demand to use the nail paints and in the nail paints there are many ideas to do art on it .

rather it is changing day by day  it is never remain same the trend of the summer is different and the winter is changed from the spring  so you should  go with trendy nail arts because this is trendy  world and now in the winter season  few ladies like to go outside mostly  safe themselves in the blanket and quilts .

the white  nail paint is evergreen  you can use it  in any season with the creative art this art is not too much difficult  with the different things  you can do the  designing on your nails  toothpick ,needle, ear bud all the things are used in the  designing of your nails. Mostly white color is used by sophisticated people because they don’t like to carry any colorful things so for the decent and nice ladies I have some good ides fir designing.

White with splashes:


First of all trim your nails and then apply nail paints on your  nails edges then apply the different color  nail paint on your white nails  with the help of toothpick splash the nail paint which is in black ,blue , white and silver glitter for the school  and college going girl this nail art is good. With your colorful dress it looks nice and it is for the autumn season.

White paint with glitter:


Apply the glitter nail paint on your nails  and then  on the edges  use the pure white nail paint  with the glitter sparkles  with the pure white nail paint make  the design with tooth pick and then apply the pure white glitter nail paint  it is good for  Christmas  party  it look so attractive with your red maxi and gown in the evening party for the winter season your nail paint is best to apply.

Lace print:


On the white color shiner you can apply the pure white nail paint in the lace style it give you  an awesome look.  Make the net style and the jaal style  and in it you can add the beads and the  sitaras for the shiny touch  with this nail paint your nail look real white  for the school going girls this nail art is good it is not difficult easy to made with match sticks.

Glittered with whitener:


Whitener is common among the girls because it give your nail a natural look  and when your nail look shiny then your hands look beautiful  on the edges of your nail apply the whitener  and then glitter  in silver color that can give you a formal look with your black maxi and the skirt this paint can  give you  a sweet look and you can collect many praises .

Whitener with stones:


Whitener  is  very popular  among the  girls whether she belongs to the any   place  all the girls are using it  with their  casual dresses  so you can apply the whitener on your nails  with the pure white nail paint  and little glitter on the edges of the nails  for the mode decoration you can use the stones it can use in any color white is much elegant but you can  match  with your dress you can use it blue with your blue dress.

Crystals with glitter:


if you are  going to become bride  then you can use the nail paint with crystals and the glitter for the fabulous look first of all make the good shape of your nail and then apply the nail paint in crystal color on your long nails then  apply the whitener for the great look and now  on the edges of your nail pure white basic  nail paint with the stones and the  sparkled nail paint for the  fancy look on your wedding.

Floral style:


in the spring season you can use the nail paint in white with the black color flowers on it you can  make it with the toothpicks and the match sticks for the attractive look  you can make the tiny and big all type of flowers on your  pure white nail paint and the bow style on the nails are also good  it will increased your  nails  beauty and  give an attractive look. With it you can carry the floral embellished rings because in the spring season your nails look colorful.

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