Ways to Make Wax at Home for Underarm

Hair is the blessing of God  and it look so beautiful  when it is n our  head but when it is on the other places it look so odd and bad  because  due to hair your beauty  is disturbs   especially the ladies don’t like to go with the  hairs body they search out such ways which can remove their unwanted hair the  hair on the armpit , face ,legs, and the arms are not good for the beauty .

it is said that  hair protect your body and it saves you from the  external harms  it is just like the cover for your body  sensitive part. The ladies become so irritate from the  under arm  hair because it  caused too much  sweating when they  are in the kitchen and due to the sweating unpleasant smelling  cause their  disliking of the hair  besides this problem hair  become hurdle in their  aesthetic   look  because when they carry sleeveless dresses their arm pit shows which are black and  full of hair  they feel ashamed  so they want to get rid from these hairs  so for these conscious ladies there are many treatment  which  are using for removing the hair but  these are expensive and everybody can’t afford these treatment the wax and the  gel which are available in the markets are not effective for our skin  because in these things too much chemicals are used here I have some homemade tips for getting rid of unwanted hair.

Honey with lemon:

Take the honey in one spoon and add some lemon juice In it and make a thick paste with it  and wash your  required place with good soap and then apply the  paste on your wanted hair first dry your arms with the towel  and with the help of  a straight spatula apply this  paste and leave to sit for 20 to  25 minute and then wash your  arm with the  Luke warm water.

  Turmeric paste:

Turmeric is good for the whitening and the glowing skin so you can use the turmeric paste under your arms for cleaning the hair first take some turmeric and add some milk with the lemon juice and  you can add the little quantity of honey in it for remove hair quickly  at the place of milk you can add the rose water but this scrub is for those  people who  have short hair because on the long and thick hair it can be work well . Apply this paste on your under arm and leave sit for 30 minutes and then clean your armpits with the soaked towel.

Sugar wax:

Sugar wax is very famous among the girls because it is best way to remove the unwanted hairs  take some tea spoon  sugar and add some water  with the    lemon juice and  cooked it well on the  fire beware that  the clots are not made  in the sugar because it is not suitable for your skin  make normal wax and apply it on your unwanted hairs it is very cheap and easy wax that can  make at home in a short time  it is  long lasting  away from you these hairs  and you have no need  to go parlor and take  expensive treatment.

Honey with gelatin:

Gelatin  with the honey will work well on your unwanted hair  take some honey  in a bowl and add gelatin peel mask because gelatin is  less painful  than the sugar  wax   take 1 cup water ,cucumber , plain flavored gelatin, lemon and the aloe Vera  mix all these things in one bowl and apply it on your body sit it fr 30 minutes and then  clear your skin with the jeans stuff  because due to this paste and stuff  your body remain free from the unwanted hair.


All the waxes are not suitable for every skin when you make such waxes at home first apply the apparent place then on the body if it react then skip these wax  because it become the skin allergic and the redness  or rashes . When you cook these wax on the burner then  don’t apply it full hot leave it for  normal temperature .

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