10 Secret for a Flatter Stomach

having extra fat on stomach and belly is the most annoying thing when you put on weight, there are people who say it can’t be reduced separately but that’s not really true. There are a lot of workouts and simple tips that concentrate on your stomach directly. You can get rid of the extra fat on the stomach just by simple cautions and some exercises. Here are the most useful tips suggested by fitness trainers.


Look at your postures

Postures are the positions of your body, the way you normally sit or stand. Do you sit with a curved back while working? If yes let’s fix it now. This is not the right posture to sit like that. It affects your back and you look instantly thinner when you sit or stand straight as an arrow with tucked in tummy. Try to make it your habit to sit like a royal.


Drink more

Drink more doesn’t mean drink more of alcohol and carbonated drinks, but water, drinking more water helps in a lot of things, it’s simply the best habit for your body’s health and fitness. Drink water with lime, cucumber or lemon. It fixes the bloating in the stomach.

Go with green

Studies show that the antioxidants in green tea boost the metabolism and specifically target or abdominal fat. Big amount of green tea is used by people who get size 2 from 15 in just weeks, but if you cannot drink a lot of it, go for 2 cups a day.


Eat with delight

Dawn Jackson Blatner says, “Eating quickly and not chewing you food can cause air swallowing that lead to bloating.” Eating slowly and feeling the taste of your meal helps in preventing bloat in stomach. Moreover this habit can lead to eating less habit, which eventually makes you eat less fat and you a flatter stomach.

Stay stress free

Depression and stress boost the fat storing hormones like Extra cortisol in our body that store fat particularly in stomach region. So stop thinking for a while and do a deep breathing exercise. Try this one, 10 deep stomach breaths, take a deep breath, and inhale for 5 seconds, exhale count 10. This exercise is works for relieving stress and reduces stomach fat.


Stay active

Staying active means you move more, it is important that how much work your body do to, keep your body busy, do things that can be done by others it is something that can lead you to a healthy life.

Whole grain VS Refined food

In a study, people who ate more of whole grains lost more weight than the people who had refined food. Eating 2-3 meals of whole grains helps in losing weight faster, there are 10% more chances of losing abdominal fat with this diet.

Cut down the calories and Fried food

In addition to this, you must cut down the extra calories today, don’t food with sugar and fat, and avoid fried food for a flatter stomach. It does not like will have to eat boiled food only, just watch out the calorie intake.


Walk and work-out

Do a daily 30 minutes walk, it certainly have its benefits, do cardio or yoga regularly and do weigh exercises twice a week if possible.



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