How to Strengthen Your Knees

Knees are of the great importance but we take their health for granted (as we take most of the blessings for granted) the real value is realized only when you feel pain in doing simple things like carrying a box or going down or up on the hill road or even walking for a while.

Start considering your knees a blessing from today, take some measure and make some changes in your life style so your mobility doesn’t deteriorate as you grow older and enjoy your life to the fullest as it the wisest thing you can do for your future-self.

Have more of Calcium

The knees will be strong only when the bones are strong, therefore you must take measures to make your bones stronger and athletic. The best and easily available sources of calcium are:

Cow milk



Goat milk

Bone health is also important for knee strength, so take measures to prevent osteoporosis. Cow milk, yogurt, cheese and goat milk are good sources are calcium. Almonds and leafy greens are also excellent sources.


The joints can become weakened when they are inflamed therefore it is important to consume food that is “anti-inflammatory” in order to keep your knees strong.

Fish, seeds, olive oil (Omega-3)

Egg yolk (Vitamin D)

Lemon (Vitamin C)

Berries (Vitamin C)

Oranges (Vitamin C)

Avocado (Vitamin E)


Another essential nutrient that is required for the good health of bones is Vitamin D that can be found in so many foods but the greatest source of Vitamin D plus free of any cost is Sunlight, especially the morning sun-rays. Sun exposure of 15-20 minutes per day can fulfill need of 15 days.

Avoid Sugary Foods

Problem can come from the habit of eating too many sweet or sugary foods. If your want to make your knees stronger, you should abandon them from your daily consumption. It will also protect you from many diseases, such as Diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease and root of all the diseases “Obesity”.

 Avoid activities that hurt your knees

If you are experiencing aching knees while doing some specific activities you might need to stop those activities for keeping your knees safe from any serious injury. It can be an work-out exercise or your favorite sport, you don’t have to give up but work on your knees and leg’s strength and flexibility first and afterward you can continue with that activity.



We all know how much exercising is important for living a long and healthy life, it can absolutely help to make your knees stronger and keeping them in working order for life time. Keeping in mind the common knee injuries do work on your knees. You can do a lot of exercises like:


Skipping rope

Single leg squats



Repeat the work-out 4-5 times a week for desired results.


One of the most working ways to give strength to your knees and body is Yoga as it makes your body able to prevent structural imbalances, which can make you suffer from knee pain in the 50’s and 60’s. And of course yoga is the best way to relax both mind and body.


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