5 Surprising Fat Burners to Help You Lose Weight the Natural Way

You must be surprised to know that eating helps you in losing weight. We have got a list of 5 useful foods which are rich in nutrients as well as loaded with properties which help in reducing your body weight. Here are the ways you can add them to your diet and shed your pounds in delicious and convenient ways:



A research published in the International Journal of Obesity says that eating a handful of almonds a day along with a healthy diet might help you zap fat. Participants in the study ate almonds for 6 months and lost around 20%. Those participants who followed a diet with the same amount of calories and proteins but swapped almonds for an equal number of calories in complex carbohydrates lost only more than 10%.

Losing weight at times when you are getting obese is very important as obesity brings lots of health diseases and can eventually cause severe consequences.

Chopping almonds finely and adding them to oatmeal or yogurt is a best idea. Another way is to make them your desk snack.



Pears are rich in fiber. One pear contains around 15% of your daily requirement. A bowl of pears a day helps in losing pounds within a few days. According to a study, women who eat three pears a day lose more weight by consuming fewer total daily calories as compared to those who don’t. They keep you full for long time and keep you from overeating.

Best way to eat pears is before a meal because it curbs the hunger. Try not to peel the pear because mostly the skin of the fruits contains high amount of fibers.



Now you don’t need to resist the chocolate. Dark chocolate and other foods which are high in antioxidants help in preventing the fat to accumulate in the body. Excess fats in the body lead you to the obesity and heart diseases.

To get it work done in best way you should melt a half ounce of dark chocolate in microwave for a few seconds and spread it on half a gram cracker. It contains less than 100 calories.

Navy beans


Navy beans are rich in resistant starch which a quick fat burner. Eating foods which are rich in resistant starch just one time a day helps a lot in reducing your weight. One cup of navy beans serves up nearly 20 grams of resistant starch. Navy beans and other foods with such properties help in burning 25% more fat than you do through other ways.

If you want them to work in best way, add onion and garlic in olive oils and add two cans of drained navy beans.



Grapefruits help in reducing pounds in amazingly less time. It is suggested that eating half a grapefruit before each time you take meal works wonder and brings your weight down up to one pound a week. There is a compound in grapefruit which helps in regulating the amount of insulin in the body. Insulin is a hormone which stores the fat and helps in reducing weight.

Best way a grapefruit can work in is peeling it and making segments and after that cutting it into junks and adding spinach salt to it. It is also a great companion with shrimp or peeled, sliced jicama.

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