7 Best Yoga Asanas for Strong Feet


Feet are carrying the entire body weight. Truth be told, we torment our feet by wearing incorrectly estimated and formed shoes, strolling on hard uneven surface with heels, and don’t try to take least care of our feet. Result is foot agony and swelling. All the person endures in foot torment. The uplifting news is foot torment can be cured by the assistance of yoga.

Types and ways of yoga for string feet:

Mountain Pose:


The most convenient pose is mountain pose. Besides being easy it is very effective pose which helps in making your feet stronger. Follow the given steps:

Straighten your legs and stand steady on the floor. Get all four corners of your feet evenly on the floor.

Keep your soles flat on the floor.

Keep your heels separated

Spread the weight of your body evenly

Keep your arms on your sides and look ahead.

Warrior Pose:


Forward your leg up to maximum extent by putting your right foot in front.

Bend the forward knee.

Place your left foot at a 90 degree angle to the right leg. There will be a slight pull if you are doing this right.

Lift your arms and bring them parallel to the base. Doing this, don’t hurt yourself.

Your palms should be facing the earth.

Now try it with other leg.

Pigeon Pose:


Sit on the floor and keep your spine at 45 degree angle.

Stretch your leg out behind yourself as much as it becomes closer to your face.

Keep your toes as straight as possible.

Bend forward a little and breathe deeply

Exert force on your chest outwards.

To get maximum benefit of this yoga asanas, make sure that your fingers and toes can touch each other and stay in this position for a while.

This is a gymnastic pose and you should do it slowly and with care.

Thunderbolt pose:


Stand straight and after that seat down on your heels. You can put your hands on your thighs.

Straight your back and look at the front side.

Sit in this position for few moments and afterward relax.

Practice this yoga posture day by day to stretch the feet and lower legs. This stance will discharge the tight muscle from legs and feet.

Triangle Pose:


Stand straight and spread your feet wide.

While standing straight twist your body this way that your arms are horizontal to your feet.

Now flex your hip down to the side.

Grip your left arm with left shin

Lift your other arm upwards, at once.

Look towards the raised arm.

Now repeat the move on the other side, in similar way. It should make you feel the stretch in your hips.

Tree Pose:


Stand straight. Put your left foot on the side of right thigh.

Close your palms.

Stand for a few seconds in the same pose.

Try with other side.

This yoga asanas make your foot stronger, stretches your calves, ankles, thighs, spine and shoulders. It reduces the foot pain and increases your body balance.

Downward facing dog pose:


Lie straight in your abdomen, on the floor.

Put your hands straight in front of you.

Life your back and hips slowly that your body make the shape of opposite “V”.

Exert whole pressure on your palms and feet.

This pose is good for the calf muscles and strengthening the feet. Down ward Facing Dog is very good for legs, feet and ankles

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