Aerobic Exercise Benefits to Reduce Belly Fat

Belly fat which is also known as visceral fat is not just about shape of the abdomen but it is found deep in the abdominal cavity which is harmful for health as it fills the space between internal organs. Belly fats can cause certain heart diseases, diabetes and some types of cancer.


There are many exercise and medicines which are used for losing fat of stomach but they need a very long time and even after being practicing for months, there is no benefit. But, aerobic exercise is best exercise for burning unhealthy fat from tummy.

Aerobic exercise improves insulin resistance, reduces liver enzymes and triglyceride level which help in decreasing the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

Recently, a research was conducted to measure the ability of aerobic exercise to burn the fats of the belly. A group of people was monitored who did aerobics for 8 months, the other group was in resistance training and the third was practicing the combination of these two.

The group which performed aerobic exercise and their exercise was equal to 12 miles jogging per week at 90 percent maximum heartbeat. The resistance-training group performed eight weight-lifting exercises, doing three sets of eight to 12 repetitions of each lift, three times a week. The third group that is combination group performed both of these. All of the above mentioned groups put maximum effort in participation.

At the end of the research, it was found that the group which was performing aerobic exercise lost maximum liver fats and got their stomach flattened. Liver fats lead to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease which is a leading cause of cirrhosis.

It really does matter that how much exercise you do and how many calories you burn. It will take very much longer to burn unhealthy liver fat if you perform your aerobic exercise at lower intensity and vice versa. Aerobic exercise is best to lose weight as it burns more calories than any other exercise.

Increased belly fats increase the risk of cardiovascular problems. Therefore, it is very much important to control the fats on stomach so that you may enjoy a healthier and longer life.

A balanced diet including leafy vegetables, fruits, skimmed milk and lean meat helps in achieving stronger abs. If you want to reduce the fats in your body, you need to prepare and follow and good nutritional plan. Beside a good nutritional plan, it will help a lot to exercise daily in order to melt the stored fat and give a beautiful and attractive shape to your body.

Top Aerobic Exercises:

Following are the top 5 aerobic exercises which help you a lot in reducing stomach fat if you perform 20 minutes daily:



Walking can be a preface to running. Continuous 15-20 minutes walk daily helps a lot in lowering the fats of the belly. This is the simplest aerobic exercise.



Running works at each and every portion of the body. Build up the duration and intensity on regular basis. You will feel great loss in fats.



Swimming is an outstanding whole body exercise which is highly beneficial for overweight people. It leads to increased rate of metabolism and body keeps on burning calories even while you are in resting position.



Cycling is an excellent fat burning exercise. It promotes a continued expenditure of calories. It is gentle on joints.

Weight Training:


Lifting weights increase the metabolism. Weight training is the only exercise which promotes high rate of calories burning. Gradually increase your stamina under the guidance of your trainer.

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