Balanced Diet For The Brides

The wedding season is going on and on and the people are so excited for the wedding because on the wedding you can do full chill and enjoy  because it is a special day for someone  and the bride  who are the central character of the  wedding all the people want to see the first look of the bride  so the bride should be healthy not too much fat and bulky and not too thin and slender the normal weighted bride look nice in the  bridal dresses   because bridal dress is something elegant ,fancy and long so for this type dress your figure should be  proper .

on the big day  of their wedding brides  should look fresh and active  which is only due  to their diet because  you have t stay for a long time at night in many functions  and many  responsibilities are on you after the wedding so you should take care of your diet and make it  better . On your wedding you should be appeared a perfect bride but if your dressing is good and you are looking so dull and faint then you should eat balanced diet because it is much dependent on your outward and inward both look so if you are going to be a bride then eat such diet which can help you to maintain your personality so if you want to look fresh  and  glowing on your wedding then eat the balance diet that can help you .


Fruits are the best thing to eat if you are not eating meal due to the fear of weight gaining then eat the fruit at the place of meal because it is so delicious and keep you healthy  in the fruits all vitamin and the  irons are  added which keep us healthy and  active  if you are too much weighted  lady then you  should eat only  fruits but the smart girls who are too much weak  they can drink juice and the shakes because they have  in need of energy and the  power  so the winter season is going on you should  use the oranges for your glowing skin it is best source of vitamin C  so use the oranges and  for the  glowing skin you can use the juice .for the healthy body you should eat banana, apple and the oranges in a large amount .


During the wedding period you should make yourself healthy and active because  you have to  spend more time in the ceremonies and you become fed up with the  so much activities of the wedding  so drink  one glass milk daily because milk is good for your health it make your body strong and in the  milk  calcium and the iron proportion is  too much it  is good for the girls it make your bones strong   at night time  you should drink milk and if you are so weak then  you can drink the milk shake  and the smoothies near your wedding days.


For the good look and the freshness of your  skin eat raw vegetables  because it keep you healthy near your wedding  eat salad because kit is perfect diet for you  in the  noon lunch cucumber ,lettuce and the  carrot is good  for digesting the meal because   vegetable make your stomach good and active  and in the summer drink the  cucumber water it keep you cool and away from the acne pimples and the scars. If you are too much bulky from your belly then  lemon juice is best for you in the morning take little water and  stir some drops of lemon and drink it before your wedding days  your belly fat become  less and you can look a smart and  attractive bride.

Meat and chicken:

When you are going to become a bride then you want to look like princess and the princess are those who look so decent and  smart  so the girls who  wish that they want to  reduce their weight  they  have start exercise and the dieting but  dieting is not  good because it gives you a smart look and  your inner becomes  too much weaker  so include the fish and meat in your diet and don’t eat  the fry and oily things because  oil can enhance your weight you can eat the  steam  meat and the  chicken is a white meat it it good for your  health it is balance diet for you it keep your body  healthy and active.

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