Benefits of Using Miswak:

The health advantages with Miswaak have been widely recorded and accepted. Various examination have shown that Miswaak, when utilized appropriately, is an eminent against microbial toothbrush for dental cleanliness and gum disease cure, minimizing plaque and gingivitis, teeth brightening and assuaging rotten breath, whilst giving you a decent mouth smell. The utilization of Miswak is a method for cleaning the mouth. The Miswak is a stick through which a person can cleans the mouth and teeth. It has set up that the Miswaak has compelling fixings which aren’t by and large present in toothpastes with anticariogenic and calming hypoglycemic capacities.


There are numerous benefits of chewing miswak which are given as follow:

Sharp memory:

Chewing miswak helps in improving your memory. It strengthens your memorizing power.


It produces a nice fragrance in your mouth.

Strong tooth enamel:

The Minerals in this root or twig include potassium, sodium,  chloride, sodium bicarbonate and calcium oxides.These ingredients all strengthen the tooth enamel.

Strong gums:

Using miswak strengthen your gums.

Prevents tooth decay:

Miswak helps in blocking tooth decay.

Cures headache:

Using miswak also helps in the treatment and prevention of headache.

Relieve toothache:

Chewing miswak is very helpful for the pain in tooth.

Sparkling teeth:

Miswak triggers your tooth to sparkle.

White teeth:

Miswak eliminated the yellowish color of your teeth and make them look cleaner and whiter. It effectively cleans the teeth with the help of its bristles which are parallel to its handle unlike the toothbrush where they are perpendicular and results in effective cleaning.

Improves your vision:

Miswak improves your eye sight.

Overall health:

Miswak also contributes in improving your overall bodily health.

Improved digestive system

Miswak helps in digestion of food by improving your digestive system

Prevents other mouth diseases:

Miswak also helps in preventing some other mouth diseases other than toothache or tooth decay; for example it cures a diseases of mouth known as Qilaa.

Clears voice:

Miswak helps in clearing your throat and voice.

Triggers appetite:

Those who have a problem, with their appetite and eating habits (eat less), they should use miswak on daily basis as it triggers the appetite.

Eloquence of speech:

Miswak has various benefits. Even some medicines which are prescribed by highly qualified physicians are less effective as compared to this natural medicine. It helps in boosting eloquence of one’s speech.

Improves intellect:

Miswak helps in improving mental abilities.

Relaxes brain:

Miswak helps in relaxing your brain by make your nerves relaxed.

Effective for stomach:

As Miswak helps in improving our digestive system that is why is very much effective for those who are suffering from stomach pain and inflammation.


Use of miswak on daily bases keeps you energetic and young.


Miswak has been used as an antibacterial agent for teeth. It works against germs and keep your mouth and teeth safe. It prevents your teeth from plaque and gum diseases which are caused by bacteria. Research shows that regular use of miswak reduces plaque, gingivitis and growth of cariogenic bacteria.

Prevents from dry mouth:

Miswaks improves salivation in your mouth which inhibits your mouth from getting dry.

Removes bad breath:

Use of miswak helps in eliminating smell and odor of bad breath which may be caused due to some stomach problems.

Prevents cavities:

Miswak fight with cavities and prevents you from this painful tooth disorder.

Brightens your face

Chewing miswak helps in creating luster on your face if you use it regularly. It brightens up your skin.

Requires no extra treatment:

If you use miswak regularly then your teeth never require any extra medical treatment even you don’t even need to use toothpaste. It cures and prevents all mouth problems naturally.

Reduces stain:

If you have been using or still use coffee, tea or tobacco products, miswak helps in reducing stains left by these things.

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