Best Exercises for Hanging and Stomach Fat

as it is the problem of majority of us, internet is now full of exercises for burning stomach fat, so it has become little confusing who to follow and what exercises to do. We have solved the problem by summing up few best exercises for burning stomach fat.

Running/ walking

it’s the most simple yet amazingly effective exercise for burning fat not only from your stomach but whole body. As your body move as a whole it give more help in burning fat and it’s a good thing that anyone can do it with ease. Running or walking fast for 45minutes a day is enough.

Elliptical trainer

a study says that a person who weight 145lb can burn up to 300 calories in just 30 minutes workout on a Elliptical trainer.

Bicycling or bicycling exercise

this is a great cardio workout that have low impact but burn stomach fat really fast, an average person can burn 250-300 calories in 30minutes ride depending upon the speed of the person.



Crunches helps in strengthening the muscles and give flexibility to the body and increases the stamina.
The following two types of crunches are really great for reducing Bellay fat in days.

Reverse crunch


how to do in steps:
lie flat on floor with hands back on your head
lift your feet and try to make 90 degree angle
now lift your head and shoulders off the ground
most importantly you have to exhale when lift up your shoulders and inhale when you go down back.
Do 3 sets with 15 reps.

Vertical leg crunch


how to do in steps:

Lie down flat on the floor with hands on back of your head.

Now lift your legs in 90 degrees angle and keep them together whole time.

Flex your abs to lift your head and shoulders

keep your legs in the same 90 degree angle whole time.

Keep breathing

inhale with you lay back and exhale with you flex.

Do 3 sets with 15 reps.

Lunge twist


how to do in steps:

stand up

Bend your knees slightly

bend elbows by 90 degrees by hips

come forward lunge with left leg and twist the upper body and arms to left
go back to the earlier position when you push left foot to return to start

Do 15 reps and change sides.

Step hops

this work well for stomach fat as well as hips and legs.


How to do in steps:

stand still with hands on hips

now step forward with right/left foot and lift knee to hip level and stand straight on other leg.
Now land keeps the feet together

alternating sides, reps 15.

Lunge reach image013

How to do in steps:

Stand straight with, bend knees a little
now bend knees 90 degrees with lunge forward with right leg, try to reach arm to floor

push off right leg to get to starting position and lift arms overhead
do 7 reps and do the same with other side.

Breathing Exercise

for a flatter stomach breathing exercises ars really good.


Follow the Steps:

1. Stand straight with hand at sides

2. Breathe out while forcing your stomach inward

3. Hold for 15- 30 seconds

4. Repeat 10 sets.



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