Daily Walking Adds Years to Your Life


Oxford University found that, “individuals who increase the number of steps they take daily from 1,000 to 10,000 decreased risk of early death approximately in half.”

These added steps don’t require spending hours in fitness clubs but can be integrate in daily routine, i.e., taking stairs instead of elevator, going out for walk with your pet, taking a walk in the neighborhood.
A recent research result shows that, the people who increased their walk from 1000-10,000 per day had 46% lower risk of death.
Less effort isn’t a waste as well, the people who extended their steps to 3000 daily was 12% less chances of early death.


All these researches show that walking can add years to our life. There are so many benefits of walking other than a longer life, have a look.

Walking make your heart Stronger

According to the researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health Boston, Women who walked 30 minutes per day decreased their chances of stroke by 20% and 40% risk was reduced when they walked more. It is found out that walking increase the heart rate lowers the blood pressure and makes our heart strong.

Increases immunity

Walking helps in increasing our immunity to fight disease and even to prevent diseases like type two diabetes, heart attack and strokes,
colon cancer, womb cancer and breast cancer. Walking make your heart healthy and a healthy heart guarantees.

Lightens up your mood

Study showed that the more people walk, the better their mood get. It’s because walking releases natural pain dissolving endorphins to our body, which reduces stress and anxiety, this is one of emotional benefit of walking.

Gives Energy

Brick walk gives energize our body, it increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to every cell in our body that makes you more energetic and active, and you can surly “do more” when you walk daily.

Tones your body

walking with a right posture tone your body abs and muscles. If you pump your arms while you walk it increases it will help you handle weight and toning arm muscles. Add hill walking in brick walking routine for even better results.

Walking nip in the bud dementia

50years and above that age people who walk 5-6 miles a week have more chances to restrain dementia and their memory is better than others who walk less.
Fact: Dementia affects 1 in every 14 people above 60 and its 1 in 6 for people is their 80s.

Walking help in losing weight

You can burn up to 200 calories by walking 30 minutes a day. If you make walking your routine you can even get rid of pounds in no time with paying a penny and going to gym.

Better sleep time

walking is good for people who have bad sleep time or insomnia; a study told that, people who walk 1 hour walk in the morning were faster to fight insomnia then people who didn’t walk.

Strengthen your joints

Most of the joint cartilage has no blood supply directly. It gets nutrition from the synovial (Joint Fluid) that circulates only when we move, if we don’t move, our joints are prevented from that life giving fluid that may cause speed deterioration.

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