Diet Plan Ideas For loss Your Weight In One Week

Weight is the big problems for all the girls when it increase it is very difficult to lose because it take too time you feel embarrass in front of the others  because all dresses become too much tight  and your body become  heavy from the hips and the chest  and too much belly blots.

The weight loss is very tough  if it became increase at once so  you should control your weight when you have feel that your weight is increasing  because very tough exercise , without oil food, don’t rice, junk food and the  many other things which the people really like to eat.

So if you want to lose  your weight  then  stay with us and see the chart of your diet which can lose your weight  in one week .The girls who want to loss their weight they should drink the water because water is the best thing to  lose your weight because in the water no calories are  found so in the daily routine drink 12 glass of water  because water  can burn your fats  add the water in your diet plan  stay away from the juices and the milkshakes because juice can enhance your weight than the fruits .

First day: Monday

you can start from the heavy meal because you are not use to now to eat the light foods so first day  eat boiled egg in your breakfast with tea with very light sugar it is beginning  in the lunch eat  the salad and  little chicken piece  not oily rather it should be ready in steam.

In the night eat  half loaf with the  vegetable which is ready in the black paper and olive oil  and pasta is also good choice.

2nd day: Tuesday

In the  2nd day in the breakfast  drink the milk  without cream And the  one apple with peel  eat it and in the lunch time  before  you can eat the cheese  cutlass only one  and  one banana  in the dinner eat the boiled mince with  one loaf and  eat lettuce with it don’t drink the water immediately after meal in the dinner eat the broccoli and the spaghetti without  any spice for the taste add some black paper and the vinegar  some chicken  piece are also added .

3rd day: Wednesday

In the 3rd when your belly is something habitual then eat the 25  to 30 almonds in the morning and jam with the brown slice it is good breakfast  and in the mid time drink the juice of the grape fruit and  1 banana   in the lunch eat the porridge  and  some  cucumbers  because cucumbers are the best for the stomach  and the 12 class water is must for you to drink per day.  in the dinner eat the finger steamed  fish  with the  olive oil and vinegar  dressing  salad because it is good combination  of fish and salad with the little loaf.

4th day: Thursday

In the 4th day   you can eat the  0%  calorie yogurt with the some  citric fruit like the oranges  and the pomegranate  in the breakfast and in the  lunch  eat some Chinese rice without oil and the spice  with the rice don’t eat anything  just use the mint made  sauce and the  ketchup  for making Chinese rice use the brown rice  and in the  snack tine eat some raisins  and in the dinner  eat  a sweet potato  pettie burger or a bun  at the place of burger  you can eat the less cheese pizza only one piece.

5th day: Friday

In the breakfast eat one omelet  with two slice  brown bread  and one grape fruit and in the mid time  take green tea without sugar and with it eat the  one piece of string  cheese  and in the lunch eat the  mix pulses made  mixture without spice  and oil with it drink the  carrot juice only half cup  and  in the night chicken tortilla  soup  with some almonds like 10 to 15.drink the 10 glass water must  in one day.

6th day: Saturday

The 6th day is  the near to end the week  so in the breakfast  eat  vegetable omelet and the  grapefruit  after some time of breakfast drink the milkshakes of the strawberries and the cucumber  slices   in the lunch eat some boiled macaroni with black pepper  and homemade veggie   pizza  in the night eat one sweet potato and the  brown rice with the chicken chops only one drink 10 glass water must   in this day.

7th day: Sunday

On the  week end you can eat the  cheese  sandwich with  tea without sugar  in the breakfast in the mid time  eat small oranges and 10 almonds and in the lunch  eat the  chicken  soup without  chilies  with the salads dressing with the vinegar and olive oil and the  dry mint in the dinner drink  one glass milk without any  cream and the   salmon  is best for dieting  in the dinner you can eat the   steamed snapper  or the egg  fried sandwich  with the without sugar tea. 10 glass of water is must.
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