Even Women Who Exercise Sit Too Much


There is a disappointing surprise for women who get a satisfied and relaxing feeling after performing their exercise. According to a recent study, it has been found that even exercising regularly doesn’t lower the exposure of idle style of living. You still may remain inactive.

It is an astounding phenomenon that has been revealed by the study that the women who perform their exercise on daily basis, they spend more time sitting down than the time they spend in exercising and this is the reason they stay inactive for long time and exercise never proves to be fruitful. Moreover, sitting for longer hours expose such women to the higher risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and premature death.

Most of does don’t do workouts and even don’t consider it as the essential part of their life. And those who spend rest of the time in sitting and staying idle. This is very important for you to know that how you spend the time in your daily life except the times when you do perform your exercise.

It has been depicted via numerous pas studies that both males and the females whose job structure push them to stay sat for longer hours, even though they exercise daily, are at higher risk of falling prey to lifelong health issues. The recent study has mainly checked idle or inactive hours and made a comparison of those with the time people spend in performing some activity. They didn’t rely only on self-mentioned surveys.

A study has shown that people who stay physically active at least2 and half hour per week they are less inactive and are not exposed to chronic diseases. Those who made research were amazed that of there could be an unnoticed but important benefit to what they call incidental low-intensity physical activity, which may add up during the day, such activities might including walking a few miles for getting something to east like a sandwich, pushing a child on swing at a park, taking the stairs instead of using elevator or any other such activity.

Research is made on 91 healthy women between the age of 45 and 75 years. They were asked to wear activity monitors designed to record the videos for capturing the videos of sitting, standing and walking hours and time of moderate and excess activity for a week. None of the women contributed in the research was with a personal medical history of any cardiovascular diseases, heart stroke, diabetes, cancer or any other physical condition that might has been limited the level of their physical activity. They were asked to wear those activity monitors for at least 10 hours a day.

Women who participated in research spent an average of 146 minutes in moderate activity a week; they still spent the majority of their working hours (Around 60%) sitting. This is something really surprising.

You don’t realize how much time you spend sitting each day. We sit even longer than we sleep. Non-sitters have less elevated risk of chronic diseases than those who exercise daily but stay idle for longer hours.

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