Good and Easy Breathing Relaxation Exercises

The human body is like a machine and this machine is working the whole day in fact when you are sleeping your heart remain in working because the process of breathing remain continue  so you should do such exercises which are good for your health and the  keep you relax  and active .the  brain of the man is remain busy  in the different thinking so keep your mind stress free because due to the much thinking your mind  can become the dull and you become the depression patient.

If you become depress and too much tense then you’re all the reaction will be toward your heart and due to the heart attack and due to the heart attack you can indulge the high blood pressure and different diseases. You should do proper exercise for the breathing without doing any equipment and the exercises machine .when you become fed up with the dull routine of life your body has to do a 60 minute massage daily it keep you relax for a long time. If you want to simple breathing exercise then stay with us and see.

Due to the stress you can indulge in such diseases like:

•    Headache
•    Heart diseases
•    Sleep disorder
•    Insomnia
•    Panic attacks
•    Depressions
•    Blood pressure
•    Diabetes

•    To save yourself from all these diseases you should do the exercise that is compulsory for everyone and not  demand too much time in the morning  you can give little time to your exercise.

•    All the exercises start from the breathe so in the morning get up early  in the dawn and carry your jogging dress and go out for a walk running and jogging when your  are full in the form of breathing and leave your breathe  from your mouth first pulp the fresh air and then leave it from your mouth

•    Keep your  two fingers on the nose and   try to take the fresh air from your nostrils and exhale from your mouth try to control your breathe for a minute and  then  take long  and deep breathe.

•    In the morning walk on the grass with bare feet  and  try to do steps which keep your cholesterol control  because if your cholesterol is control you remain stress free because it is fat which is near our heart

•    The patients who can ,t walk too much they can do this breathing exercise at their home at the time of sleeping because  it is compulsory  sit on your bed and  crossing your legs and  quite straight no twist in your back and   take long breathe

•    Cardio is the good exercise for the breathing you can do the steps laying straight on the floor and  pick your leg on the up  and turn your upper body if you want to keep your  blood in circulation then keep your  arms under your head and try to lift up

•    You have feel that when yiu have any problem and you are confused and depress  due to any reason then the pain is start in your belly and  it create stress rather is also a stress to cramp in the belly  so the expert say that the people who are worried and the students are stressed due to the exam lying on the bed and  put your hand on the chest and one hand on the abdomen lower part and take long breathe  for 6 to 10 minute  daily first it will reduce your extra belly fat and the other it will give you relaxation.

These ideas can keep you  anxiety and tension free  so all the people must do the  exercises for the relaxation of their mind and the body  due to this exercise your mind  become fresh the negative  thinking is vanished and  you start think positively it provide you fresh breathe  for all time.

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