Gym Benefits and Disadvantages


A sound body contains a sound mind. There are many ways which you can adopt to keep yourself fit and healthy i.e. walking, running, swimming, exercise etc. Exercises are of various types. Many of us prefer to join gym in order to exercise regularly. Some people consider joining gym totally useless and wastage of money. They are of the view that you can perform these exercises while even staying at home. Others strongly advocate going gym in or order to stay physically fit.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of joining a gym:


Advanced Quality Equipments:

The most prominent advantage of joining a gym is that you are provided with high quality advanced equipments which you can’t afford at your home. There are these equipments include weight lifting machines, cardio machines, barbell, dumbbells, squat stations, bench press, pull up bars, pull down machine etc. They help you in performing different types of exercises. Moreover there are some gyms having basketball courts, swimming pools and other sport areas.


In gyms, there are qualified trainers and instructors which help you in using various equipments and performing different exercises following different techniques. Professionals such as dieticians, physical therapists, body builders, yoga instructors and aerobic teachers are also available in most of the gyms. If you have just started, they will guide you about beginner’s exercises. They also provide you fitness tips and even instruct you about suitable diets for you.

Saves cost of equipments:

By joining a gym you can use all the equipments available there. Making your own gym at home is of course quite expensive. Purchasing exercise equipments will cost you a lot of money.

Motivation to exercise:

Gym motivates to exercise. Gym is the place where everyone’s goal is to exercise. There are other people there who come for the same purpose hence then purpose driven atmosphere of the gym urges you to work out like others do.

Keeps away from boredom:

Having a lot of various types of equipments in the gym keeps you engaged in different types of exercises rather than practicing the same exercises again and again. This adaptability of various exercises doesn’t let you become bore.

Social Interaction:

Another aspect of gym is social aspect. At gym, you meet people which is a good activity. Sometimes you make new friends there. It is a healthy practice to interact with the people on same platform.


High expenses:

The biggest disadvantage of joining gym is having a lot of expenses. There is a membership fee. Besides, you have to pay monthly fee and if you ask for a personal trainer, of course there will be extra charges. Other than these expenses, you will also have to bear the cost of fuel if you are residing at some distant place. As well as, some gym charge you for parking lots and locker rooms. Therefore, joining a gym adds into your expenses which eventually expand your monthly expenditures.

Time and distance:

Time and distance is also a disadvantage. You need to get some extra time and effort daily to be there. It adds into your expenses too because if gym is situated at a distance then you must spend on traveling.


Gyms may be overcrowded especially before and after working hours. Here raises the question on the availability of the equipments. There are lots of people which may lead to you a competition in using exercising equipments. This overcrowding disrupts your exercise as you have to wait for certain machines to get free.

Before joining a gym you have to take a look at your objectives, your timetable, your financial plan and all other applicable components and settle on an educated choic

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