How to Get Rid of Belly Fat After Pregnancy:

You don’t need to go surprised by getting a bulky belly from the mid part of your body. Every new mom is going to face such find a heavy problem. You put on weight in about 9 months, but now you are not getting back your slim body back so early. You just need to wait until your body gets relaxed of hanging baby in to your body. There are some ways due to you can easily got loss your weight down.


Have massage:

You need to have massage on your belly. Massage it by any good product of cream or oil. It’s going to make your belly stretches free. And also release out your extra oil from your body.



Involve your baby:

You can also involve your baby to settle down your belly part. Put your baby on your belly and then just lift your baby up and down. This will relax your back and also relax down your pelvic tilts.



Have walk of 1 mile 100 calories:

Including walk could also reduce your weight down, as the weight got up by getting pregnant, from the hips and from belly. So you need to have walked of about 1 mile, which may result in burning for about 100 calories per day.


To reduce weight you also need to have a yoga treatment, which can make your fatigue muscular relaxed, which may result your belly get normal.




Have some exercise. Crunches can also make your belly back. But you have to ask your doctor first for resuming this kind of exercises. And c-section patients should avoid this exercise. Don’t even thing to have it.


Stay calm and be realistic:

You need to stay calm of getting back to your figure. It is not hard actually but you and your baby then going to suffer a lot problem afterwards. You suffer it about 9 months. Don’t be fast stay relaxed and realistic. For resuming your exercise and diet plans ask your doctor first.

Eat non fat dairy product:

Avoid having dairy products. Don’t get it soon. Just wait for some time to make your body get relaxed.



Hormone oxytocin:

Your baby needs to have natural milk. The most positive effect in to your body after giving birth to your baby is your extra hormones will get released by breast feeding. So you need to breastfeed your baby. Avoid giving bottle milk. This will also makes you smarter with passage of time.


Hydration effect:

Hydrate your body well. By having about 8 glass of water you can lose your weight down. The more you drink the more your hormones oxytocin easily.


Vaginal bleeding:

Some of the times women got a lot of exercises without having permission. You don’t need to do it so fast. You need to stop such exercise till 40 days after giving birth. If you didn’t stop such things before, you are not able to control your vaginal bleeding.


C-section’s stay away of doing such things. Do ask your doctor first that what you are going to do for getting rid of you fat belly.

Relax your muscles:

Relax your muscles with breathing by abdominal contraction of your deep belly. You can do it as soon after giving birth to your baby. It will help you to relax your muscles down.

Pelvic tilts:

First of all make an exercise for the relaxation of the pelvic tilts. This will also make your belly flatter.



Natural ways to get rid of the fast belly of post pregnancy:

There are some home remedies, which may make your body slimmer.

Carom and barley:

Have a carom and barley drink. Take 8 glasses of water. Add boiled barley 1 teaspoon and carom also 1 teaspoon in to the water for 5-10 minutes also add some lemon. Drink it cold in summer and lukewarm in winter. Have it for about 42 days. You can also add a bit amount of honey in to it, to make your drink’s taste better.


Cinnamon and cloves:

Nuts pudding:

Have some nut pudding. Make sure, don’t add white sugar. Add brown sugar. It will also provide you better taste and makes you feel pretty strong and makes your belly smarter. Just you need to do is, don’t fill yourself over loaded.


Cruciferous vegetable soup:

Cabbage soup makes your belly too much smart. But you need to be careful, don’t make yourself to stay just on such kind of cruciferous veggies soups. Add cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kind of vegetables in your soup.


Red lentil soup:

Red lentil soup can also make your belly inn. Add 1 table spoon of red lentil in to the 4 glass water. Boil it up, when the water got reduced up of about 1 glass. Then have it. You can feel your belly inn



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