Ideas and Ways to Stay Younger than Your Age:

According to the Lucille Ball; “the secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age”. But now you don’t need to do this. Or you don’t need to have surgery, medical zaps, injections, etc. just you need to do is follow the following tips and tricks which may results in looking younger than your age.

Stop frowning:

First of all you have to stop frowning, this leads wrinkles under your eyes, and on your forehead, if you have a habit of frowning, stop and try to forget frown.


Keep smiling:

Stop frowning and keep smiling prevents you from many external diseases. As like if you got low HB in your reports, then first of all just make you diet well, and going towards second suggestion, it’s smiling. The more you smile, the more you’ll glow, and your HB gets starting normal.

Have exercise:

Daily exercise makes your body repose. And let you look fresh and makes your muscles recline. So you need to have exercise on daily basis. But you have to do it under full custody, as most of the times, proper warm up and cool down ay leads to induce asthma. Try to loss out your weight, if you have a bulky body this is going to harm your older days. So have a meeting with your doctor first then resume your daily workouts in gym class.


Hydrate yourself:

Hydration makes your body fresh, specially your skin. This is the small way of keeping yourself well and thoughtful every day. Hydrate yourself for the glowing skin. Water improves your consideration and processing of your mind and improves your mood and emotions. It also makes you sleep well t night. Well it also increases the flow of oxygen to your brain.


Beware of vices:

You need to stay away from cigarettes and drinks; your body is not going to indulged it with calmly. There are lots of damages if you are having any kind of bad activity.


Use sunscreen:

Regular use of sun screen helps your skin to reduce the chances of skin cancer. It helps you to reduce the chance of skin cancer for about 40%. It also helps to make your skin fresh after having a sun bath, this will help you stay fresh and look younger. Apply it on, whenever you are going out of the house.


Have deep and standard sleep:

To make your skin look healthy and fresh, you have to make your sleep according to the standard sleeping styles. This will lower down the quantity of wrinkle on your face, sleeping well also helps you prevent dark circle around your eyes.

Moisturize yourself:

Get well moisturized all of the time. This will help you to prevent dryness of your face, and helps you prevent itching and spots of your face. And makes you look younger.


Have a drink just once in a day:

If you are a man then you are able to absorb 3 drinks a day. But if you are a lady then you need to make you stop having just a glass of wine. Make it red wine, which leads your skin shine up. Avoid other wine, bear and champion if you love to look young.

Use olive oil to remove dark brown spots:

Put a bit quantity of olive oil where you feel that you are having wrinkles. Apply olive oil on your hands and feet, including face too. This will help you moisturize your skin. And allow you to prevent the dark spots of your face. And helps you look younger.



Have fresh fruits and vegetables:

Vegetables and fruits contain protein and vitamins in it in huge quantity, instead of having medicine and injection, just you need to have vegetables and fruits regularly. It makes your skin glow up. Vitamin D helps you maintain your eye side well leveled. So have fun with vegetables and fruits.




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