How to Lose Weight with Almonds


When it comes to losing weight many of use avoid eating nuts as it is a general perception that they are too high in calories and may add into your weight. But they must know that most of the nuts are powerhouses of vital nutrition which are required by the body such as vitamins, minerals etc and help in diminishing the carbohydrate cravings which leads to tiredness and weight gain. Being rich in healthy fats make them able to provide high level of satiation and reduce hunger. Moreover nuts provide much more sustained type of energy than the simple carbohydrates based energy.

Nuts reduce belly fat:

If you want to reduce fat from your belly, you must switch over to almond diet. They are enriched with high proteins and mono saturated fats which help in developing lean muscles and reducing body max index. It reduces the fats stored in abdominal areas and makes your body flat.

How to use almonds to lose weight:

Almonds help you in losing weight rather than gaining it and make you feel much better doing it. Here are a few points which will explain why you should add more almonds in your diet:

Add almond in your breakfast:

Eating almonds in the morning fill your stomach and keep you satiated and energized and full until your next meal. Almonds contain proteins and fibers in high quantity. Consuming a high amount of fiber helps in satisfying your hunger and making you feel full for longer.

Add slice almonds to your porridge:

Chop almonds and sprinkle them on your breakfast cereals. You may also have almond butter spread on a slice of toast. You can also sprinkle almonds in your soup or over your salad at dinner. They will add bulk to your meal so you can eat less and not feel hungry.

Replace your regular snacks with almonds:

Almonds are low in calories, it make them perfect for a quick and easy low snack. By eating them you will get a high amount of fibers in your body which will keep you satiated for longer hours and won’t get tempted for eating anything in mid-afternoon.

Choose healthy almonds:

Almonds are of different types with different amounts of calories in them. Your priority should be choosing almonds with lowest number of calories. Usually raw almonds are best as they contain least calories than the all other types of the almonds. Go for unprocessed varieties of almonds or with just a pinch of salt. It is important to check the nutrition label as some of the almonds may contain artificial sweeteners which can boost the calories.

Here are a few ways you can add almonds in your diet for weight loss:

  1. Add almonds in your favorite ice cream. It will add twist in the taste and make your desert more delightful and enjoyable. Adding almonds in your life on regular basis along with healthy exercises makes it easily possible to lose more pounds within less time.
  2. Add chopped almonds in your salad or pasta. Adding almonds will make your food heavy and you will feel full for next few hours.
  3. Having almond raita during lunch will make you feel delighted. You can simply chop almonds and add them in yogurt with your favorite spices. It will make a full of protein diet for you which is able to keep your digestive system sound and healthy and also decrease your weight.
  4. Keeping a pack of roasted almonds on your office desk or in your school/college bag is the best option. Eat a handful of almonds whenever you feel hungry. This is the best snack for you if you want to lose your weight.



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