Losing weight ideas in some days

Weight gaining is the  not good thing  for a girl because it can gives you a bad look and your personality can be spoiled .the  weight  when it gain day by day  then we feel  not good and people criticize on us and we become  prey in the  infeority complex and this complex make us  behind from the other  people .the woman who has some extra weight they become  anxious to get slim and smart look again because on the  much weight no dress look beautiful but it is the problem of all the fat ladies that they  want to  do the dieting but it requires too much time which is  not easily  get to the women but if they get it then no proper result they find.

So the ladies who want to do their weight lose they should do some effort then they can able to lose their metabolism and find a perfect figure which you want to make. The weight which is not in your control can create so many problems you should avoid to lose your body rather you should keep care of your body and act upon on some instructions.

Exercise and cardio:

If you want to lose your extra fats then you should  take exercise daily means take a proper time on the exercise  cardio steps and the yoga classes is good in the morning  don’t skip the evening walk  because  your whole day  laziness is finished and again you become fresh  yoga steps are good for losing the extra fats of your  thighs and the hips .in the evening running on the grass and do push up for decrease your fat from the arms and the belly the best exercise for the girls is cleaning of the house because in this work you have  to run fast  moping ,dusting and  sweeping  can lose your  extra weight  so it is also good exercise.

 Proper sleeping:

The  body of a man work just like the machine and  every machine has needed to  do some rest same like is our body  it demands some rest so a healthy person has needed 6 to 7 hours good sleep because if you  skip the sleep and  sleep only 3 to 4 hour  then it is also a cause to increase your weight  for the  working ladies 8 hours sleep is  compulsory  because  if you  are depressed  and you are spending your whole night in the  anxiety  and  worry  then you can’t  do your work properly in the whole day .

 Skip the fruit juices and sugary things:

If you want to lose your weight in a week then you should skip the fruit juices because it is full of heavy calories and contain so many calories which become the cause of fats enhancing in our body  the girls you are on the  dieting you should not drink the juices  and the cold drinks  rather you can enhance the quantity of water   means 12 glass  water is good for weight losing  before eating meal half an hour  drink  the water  because if you drink water  after lunch then it will increase the fat on your belly. Lemon juice with the Luke warm water is good choice it is juice and the weight losing syrup also.

Make a food chart:

When you are on the diet and you want to lose your weight then  you should make  a food chart in which include the fruit vegetable ,oat meal ,egg and the  dark chocolate .if you want to taste some sweet things then you can eat the dark chocolate it is not too0 much sweet but  give you a  delicious taste and help  you to reduce the body fats. In the morning eat the oatmeal because it is good for health and one boil egg is compulsory because if you depend only on the vegetable and the oatmeal you will lose your face freshness and the power of fighting against diseases.
Drink green tea and the coffee:
Before starting your work drink coffee and the green tea without sugar because when you are on diet green tea keep you active and help you to reduce the extra fat from your body and you should take the green tea before going to bed because it is good for stress releasing and don’t use too much black coffee because it is made with the cream and too much cream is not good for the dieting plans in a whole day only one and two cup is enough because it is the enemy of your good sleep and without good sleep you can  move in a better in your next day.

 Final tips:

The ladies who have much weight and they want to maintain their figure in the one week they should act upon these advices because it can be helpful for your losing weight  so reduce your salty foods and the spicy  and oily foods and use the stairs over the escalators and the electrical stairs and  walk too much it is exercise of your foot  and the lose the extra  fats your hips .walk on the grass with bare foot and do cardio steps for thighs control.

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