How To loss My Weight In One Month

Weight is the much matter in our life because it make us ashamed in front of the others whether you are youngster, employee,parent, student ,teenagers or etc but you always want to keep your weight less and less.

Because you want to look slimy  and smart but the fat people are only fat but they have no immunity to fight with the diseases so make yourself  less weighted  because due to the weight you can indulge in the disease of heart , cholesterol , diabetes  and many other  fatal disease.

Some food are very dangerous for your health that only increase your weight and not good for your skin if you want to live healthy and the  smart then leave the oily things , high calories tea,  juices , desserts , junk food and the other  items which have so much fats.

If you want to lose your wait  in thirty days then stay with us and see the different tips which can make you smart and  beautiful.

Drink plenty of water:

The water is the best thing to loss your weight  because it is  calories free no sugar or the oil is add in the water drink 10 to 12  glass water per day because  when  it will dissolves in your stomach and  discharge through your  urine it will keep you smart and you look fresh and glowing .

The ladies who are worried for their belly blots they should drink hot water because it is best for your weight losing  if you want to see the  result of weight losing with hot water then try it in one month when you eat meal after half an hour drink luke warm water  it will  help you burning your fats.

Eat vegetable and fruits:

In the lunch eat vegetable  and fruits  green color  vegetables are best eat the cabbage ,lettuce, cucumber and the  carrots  because it help you  to less eat the salad with the simple loaf  and eat vegetables more than the meet when you are on the diet then eat the cucumber  it will keep you healthy and strong.

Fruits are good for the health because in the fruits vitamin, calcium, carbonate   in the juices of the fruits too much healthy  particles are found without any calories eat every fruit  than the juice because juices and smoothies make your weight high.

Sleep well daily:

At night sleep well because  restlessness is also reason to gain the weight  so in the night  lay on the bed and  think about your whole day what you have done in the whole day ?

But when you are sleeping put out your  all tensions  at one side and sleep easily  for a person proper 8 hours sleep is compulsory if you  don’t sleep in these hours  you just lay and  lost in thoughts it will make you restless and al the morning you feel tied and fatigue  sleep well and do the exercise daily in the morning and walk on the grass with bare feet.

Take tea without sugar:

When you are on the dieting and want to lose your weight  very fast then drink the tea  without sugar because sugar is very  harmful for the health it  has so much calories green tea is best for you make the green tea at home.

And at the time of yoga drink it and before going to bed one cup is also good  but in the  green tea you can use different flavors it will keep  you stress free and you will feel light and  fresh  if your weight lose target is in one month then  green tea   will really  show you result in one month when you take it without eating anything in the morning.

Do the cardio and twister:

The exercise is compulsory for your weight losing because the  main problem of the body is hips and the belly if it is control then you are smart so do the cardio in the fresh air  lay on the ground and try to touch  your knees and then  sit well without touching anything when you feel twist in your belly you will feel your body fats are becoming lose  twister is very easy way to lose your weight at home.

Because  it is not possible for everyone to join the gym  so buy a twister and  twist your body two time in a day 10 to 15 minutes  it will really help you to lose your weight.

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