Make Exercise More Comfortable When Carrying Extra Weight

Exercising is the best way to lose weight and to live simply a healthier life, we all know that, but it is also true that doing workout can be tiring, awkward, stressful and pitiful especially when you are over-weighted. You might feel hard to move easily but that’s nothing lose heart on; you can always achieve your goals with determination and willingness to live a better life.


Alison Heilig says, “As I started to work out with different people, I discovered that if you find the right group to jibe with, you’ll make friends, build a community, and understand that not everybody is judging you.”

Take easy start

“Healing doesn’t happen over-night.” Keep this in mind and get started with the easier exercises, you can do at home. You don’t need to start hard exercises and push yourself too hard to get injured. Always start with easy exercises like skipping rope, jump squats, fast walking, mountain climbing etc. Don’t punish your body but kill the fat only. Just make some evaluation of your current position than you can plan out the Work outs.

Buy the best pair of shoes

Your feet put up with all the sweating during the workouts and walks, treat them with the high quality pair of shoes according to the workout you do normally. There are specific kinds of shoes for all different categories of workouts; the best kind of the shoes will support your workout.

Get dressed up!

Heilig says, “Loose, baggy, and shapeless clothes may cause or exacerbate painful chafing and fail to provide adequate support, specifically in the breasts.”
you cannot wear anything and everything doesn’t mean you have to lose your budget only on the “Work-out outfit”. All you need to do is to be carefully select what you wear. Get 2 outfits, two tops (Good fitted sports bras) two bottoms that can help you stay comfortable and allows you to move freely during workout and that’s it!

Never ignore the pains

Joint Pains and cramps during workout are common and don’t require you to sit on the sidelines, but constant situations like that might ask for some changes in your routine. In that case you must seek for professional advice for preventing any serious injury.

Sit if you can’t stay on your feet

If your weight is not allowing you to stand for long time you can have a seat and perform different moves while sitting. You can use dumbbells, resistance bands or cable machines to work on your arms and legs.

Be surrounded by encouraging people

Heilig says, “A gym full of super-fit people can feel overwhelming, but rest assured that most aren’t judging you.”
If you get laughed on, or you feel people are judging you at a gym place, you can always move to another place when you are being encouraged and supported.

Keep balance

Everything looks good when it is in balance, don’t starve yourself, your get dehydrated or seriously injured. You body need balance more than anything else. When you are not eating a good diet each step will become a burden. Eat necessary nutritious food with fiber and vitamins. Avoid fats and extra calories as much as you can and Focus on your daily workouts.


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