Tips on How to Stop Overeating to lose weight

Obsession with food may cause serious health issues; it is the basic reason for obesity after laziness. Overeating can be a habit or physiological syndrome for someone to eat more at times of depression or anxiety. Regardless of what the reasons are, it is absolutely necessary for you to stop overeating today in order to live a disease-free longer life.


Follow these effective tips to stop your overeating habit.

Huger meter

Hunger meter shows the level of hunger for someone, know how you feel at times when you’re trying to reach out for food. Keep the stage of your hunger in mind before eating.

You can be at 5 stages, starving, too hungry but not starving, full or stuffed. Eat when you’re moderately hungry until you are full and never let yourself get to the point where you are starving or you are too stuffed.


Drink more

Avoid tricky soda cans and soft drinks containing too much calories, don’t drink alcohol as well. Drink more and more of water, as dehydration is often confused with hunger and it lead to tiredness. Start your day with a big glass of water and stay dehydrated all day by drinking water every few hours.

Chew more

Gulping you food make it feel like as if you haven’t ate and you have more chances of over eating and that will add more fat and extra calories to your body, if you eat slowly and chew your food It taste better and you get the benefits of eating without getting fat, and process of digestion also becomes easy, this habit helps a lot in losing weight.

Stop “treats”

You worked out hard today and deserve a treat of extra calories? This is totally not happening. Remember why you worked out hard, it was for losing weight, not for a reward. It’s not being too hard toward yourself it being sensible, and yes you can treat yourself when you have lost weight about half of desired weight lose. These treats like bar of chocolate or a brownie can wash away all your efforts.

Keep the balance

This is crucial to keep the balance, don’t be too over whelmed to lose weight that you make yourself sick, and don’t be too slow in the progress. Eat moderate meals with a lot of fiber, protein and Vitamins. Don’t starve yourself, as sudden cut in meals and hard exercises can make you sick or take your life.


Regular and less calorie meals

Eating on a time pattern is very useful when you are trying to stop the overeating habit, if you eat in time you know when the next meal time is, it is enough to keep your cravings silent. At first you can eat after every 4hours than increase the time gap to 5-6 hours. The most important thing, NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST, this is the most important meal of the day that gives us energy to move and work and your 2nd meal depends a lot on it. Dinner is equally important because when you sleep without eating it will make you long fried food.

Eat Healthy Snakes

To fight against the hunger pangs, eat nutritious snacks, like almonds, dried figs, fruit and vegetable salads. Drink fresh juices, sugar free smoothies, and you can use low fat cheese in your sandwiches and salads.


Sleep early-wake up early

Inadequate sleep can increase appetite boosting hormones in our body, so go to bed early, it helps in avoiding midnight unhealthy snakes and you wake up early, it is base for a healthy life style.


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